Montessori in Malta or Gozo?

Hi everyone
Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Montessori school in either Malta or Gozo. Possibly moving over in next few months and just thought I would start with that before wading through the other schools if there is none.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks :)

Hello Mandamanda,
My name is Giuseppina and I live in Malta, as far as I know (i've been here only 3 month so far) there's private creches in every aerea or almost and then public kindergarten (I don't think they are in every town , for example there's none in sweiqi where I live so I had to register my son in Pembroke which is only 5 min down the road).
I have tried the private creche and so far no complaint, classes are international/mixed they go by age group and there's lot to do for them. The public kindergaerten I will tell you in october when my son will , hopfully start.
Take care

I've never heard of a Montessori school in Malta but there is a group planning to establish a Walldorf school in Malta.

Check out this link. They also have a facebook page. I don't know how far their plans have progressed.


many thanks both of you :)

Thank you for your replys! Giuseppina, do you know how I could go about finding these private places? Ricky, how wonderful! My daughter was starting a Steiner school before we left. Waldorf would be a wonderful option to have on the island.

Yes, there are two: 1 in Birkirkara called Casa Maria Montessori. And another in Kappara 185 road, called Fleurette

Just type in Montessori Malta.

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