If you're like me you have noticed that there have recently appeared highlighted and underlined blue or green words in the text in many different social network forums. When you pass your mouse cursor over them an ad pops up. These ads just drive you crazy. Conventional pop-up blocking on your web browser does not work on these text-enhance pop-ups.

The first step is to go to this link ( support page and find the option to deactivate the pop-ups. This will opt you out of their system..... as if we ever opted in! I sure as hell didn't opt in or give them permission to invade my computer.

The next step is to deactivate the extensions that they have created in your web browser.

Click on configurations
Extensions - or - Add-ons and then Extensions

You will find certain extensions like Experesso or DealPly, uncheck them to deactivate and your problems are over.

NOTE: If you use more than one browser (I use Chrome, Firefox and IE) you should repeat this deactivating of extensions for each browser.

I am now text enhance free...... just that simple

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog

Dear RJ,
Thank you very much for your advise. That helps me a lot.
I hope you have a great day,


No problem! Always glad to help out somebody from the Windy City even though I'm no longer living on the other side of the lake anymore. LOL. (Born and raised in Hamilton, ON then moved to Vancouver BC before coming to Brazil over ten years ago)

Hi William James,

are you sure you haven't got a spyware or something like that installed on your browser ?

Hi Julien,

This text-enhance is a harmless type of adware that a company called Text-Enhance sells to many advertisers, it contains a program that creates an extension on the person's web browser. It really is not like a traditional virus, it's more like a super pop-up that browsers don't catch. I have a great anti-virus program, it looks like even anti-virus doesn't catch this one.

Anyway, as I said it is harmless... just the ads are a real nuisance. Seems that it is quite widespread and people get their computers infected through social network forums. The tip off that you have it in your PC is that suddenly there are certain 'key' words in forums highlighted blue or green and underlined. When you pass your mouse over them an ad pops up. Although the spread of the adware is through forums it is unclear which forums have it. I don't have any idea if it has spread to Expat-blog yet, but once your computer is infected these enhanced text keywords appear in any social network forum, including EB. That is from the computer, not necessarily the forum. I really don't know if there is even a way for you to tell if we've got it or not.

I sure don't know why it should be necessary to go to Text-Enhance's site to 'opt out' of something that I never opted into, but so far this company seems to be getting away with what they are doing. Personally I think it should be outlawed, but for now I'm just happy to be rid of the ads.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator

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