Anyone tell me about transportation from the CM airport in evening?

Arriving at CM airport at 11pm. I will need to get through customs so I will need to get transportation late-probably after 12 midnight.

Need a taxi or shuttle  to the hotel. Is it a problem at the

airport getting a taxi or shuttle at that hour?

Any idea what would be a trustworthy taxi or shuttle service?



Hello i think is not a problem with the taxi meter :) me i never has a problem in chiang mai. good trip and if you need help i know i taxi in chiang mai i have this number :)

There are specified vehicles for airport to town. The trip is short since the airport is in town. However, arriving late it is advisable to have local currency because banks and money changers are not open late (Baht).

There were at least two taxi desks in the hall as I saw last time, a ride to old town is 150 Baht, don't worry.

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