What are the reliable taxi services in Riyadh?

I use uber. It is completely impossible to run any scam on you, because the drivers GPS is monitored. When you download the app and use code alex10092ue we both get a free ride.

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This is not my service, it is a very useful app. especially with so many crooked taxi drivers in Riyadh. I don't drive for Uber, but i use it a lot.


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you can call *** for transport service

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I've been using Uber for almost three months now, at least twice per day and I am very pleased with their service. Also, although not as convenient, it's about 50% less than car services I've used in the past. I have my credit card registered with them so I don't nee to worry about having cash. Works well for me.

Absolutely! I had a lot of bad experience from taxi drivers. But now I'm using careem taxi which is I feel comfortable even I'm alone.

Uber very excellent program

Lion R.E :

do you know KFMC?
they have introduced new taxi service. I'm not sure if they are spread very well as it is new.
if you haven't heard about, in my next visit to the hospital I will bring thier information and pass it for you.

really we hear many horrible stories about those individuals.
please take care.

KFMC? I had a bad experience from taxi drivers, they are nuts! I'm using now careem taxi and it is more safe and comfy, I can travel alone.
this should help!   :)

which city are you in, if in Riyadh, lets say, UBAR or Easiy taxi etc...   are available they are pretty organize, bit expansive but safe and arranged, check for them.

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