Day trips close to Asuncion??

Hey everyone.  I am looking to travel outside of Asuncion a bit.  I am already very familiar with Sanber so that is no on my list.  I am thinking more like ecotourism, waterfalls, trails, and etc.

Thanks in advance!

Off the top of my head:

Piribebuy has some nice waterfalls including Chololo and Salto Piraneta.

Turning in from Carapegua you can easily drive to Ybycui National Park where there are a series of waterfalls, some past the park as well.

In the same area, but harder to access is Salto Cristal near La Colmena. Amazing place but more of a trek (literally). You could always just detour to La Colmena on your way back from Ybycui for Japanese food at Hotel Fujimi (previous reservations required).

If you´re interested in the river itself you can arrange for a trip along Chaco´i and the Bay of Asunción. Plenty of birdlife to be found there.

Some of these are more off the beaten trail than others. If you´re interested let me know and I´m happy to provide more information on these place and other potential places to visit.

Please I would love more info... Salto Cristal seems really neat.  I Would love to go.  The problem is I have no car so I am trying to find some transportation.

Some solid directions to salta cristal would be appreciated!

Hi Keith,
Unfortunately Salto Cristal is not the sort of place you can easily get solid directions to, even if you were in a car. In order to get there you literally have to go through a maze of sugar cane fields. You can try hiring someone from La Colmena to drive you out there - this might work best if you go with a small group. Sorry, I guess I should have asked first whether you have a car or not. It is not impossible to get to without one, just... difficult.

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