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Hi, would like to ask if any Spanish speaker in Singapore would like to earn some extra income by teaching 2 little girls Spanish? Will talk about the details in PM. Please contact me if you're interested.

Basically the 2 little girls ages 9&10 are already speaking fluent Spanish but we want them to enhance it, cause their Spanish babysister just went back to Spain. They are attending school Mon-Fri until 3pm, so basically the 'teacher' will spend some hours with them after school time, we don't really need a professional 'teacher', it's more like a babysister to stay with them for some hours and do some daily activities with them - like go swimming, go shopping, go movie or just watching TV at home but then all conversation must be in Spanish!!!

I'm teacher of  primary school in Spain. I'm considering to come Singapore in January because my husband has received a job offer. I'm looking for some working choice for me.

As a teacher, specialized in children's physical education, and as spanish native speaking my profile fits in requirements specified.

I like to work with children and I get along well with them too, so I'm very interested in the proposed job.

If you think is interesting, we can continue talking about it.

Thanks and kind regards.

Elsa Sisquella


Please be careful:
Only citizens and PR can do this kind of informal part-time work, for all others it's illegal!
Apart from the fact that it is NOT a good idea to circumvent rules in Singapore, it is also not allowed to propose illegal acts on this forum.


I am a Spanish girl studying a Master in Singapure.

In my free time im a spanish teacher. I started teaching spanish 5 years ago in Australia to all spanish levels.

My spanish is high-culture spanish from Spain.

I would be delighted to teach 2 little girls, so if you are still looking for a teacher,
Please let me know!

Warm regards

I am running a private school in Singapore, looking for part time teaching staff to teach basic conventional Spanish to the working adults in the evening.

Hello hokaihuat -> Could you please post an advert in the Jobs in Singapore section? :)

Thank you,

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I'm working in Singapore, being transferred from the office in Chile of an international company. My wife will be moving with me, so she is keen to find a job here. Also she loves children. She is 27 years old and did a lot of babysitting when she was studying (she is a management technician).
Would you be interested in meeting to see if you would be a good fit?

José Luis Loyola

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