Italian classes

Ciao Ragazzi!

I wish to practice my italian ;) i am searching for italian friends for conversations or italian classes for a coffee... ?

I work in bahrain in marketing agency, but my nationality is polish. 
I love Italian language and Italy as a country :)

If you are willing to support my italian studies and spend some time in a nice company please write me asap ;)

A presto! ;)

Hi Parasolka and Warm Welcome to the Forum :)

I hope soon enough you would get to know the Italian friends you are looking for who can assist with improving your Italian :)

There is also new Italian Forum recently introduced in Expat-Blog where you can start practicing your Italian writing skills with other like-minded people who have the same interest.

Buon Divertimento ;)


I came into your message right now. In case you are still interested you can contacte me in PVT.



I need someone who lives in Bahrain ;)

Dove sei adesso?

Ciao a te!

No,unfortunately I don't live in Bahrein (it would be a warmer winter) :D
I'm in Italy, but I was thinking about Skype lessons. If you want, send me a mail/pvt message and I'll give you more details.


If you are still interested send me a message. I'm Italian and live in Bahrain.

Ciao, Lorenzo

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