making a living in Bulgaria(EU)????

We are planning to move to Bulgaria soon. Our problem is we need a steady income once we are setteld....We would like to have our own business....anybody have idees on what to start??

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It depends - what kind of own business do you have in mind?

Nope, it's never about the kind of business. It's about what you like to do and what kind of customers you are able to attract.

In general I would advise expats to start a business towards other expats. Because you speak their language, understand their needs, they'll trust you easier than the local citizens and last but not least they'll have more money to spend.

So, just ask yourself what you want to do the next couple of years first. Because doing something you don't like isn't a good start.

The easiest thing is selling services. And, it's the cheapest option to start a business in. You just need to start with gartering information in the region where you life, to find reliable partners who will be a help to you and your customers. Remember the amount of expats who lost a lot of money on bad building work, accountancy costs and so. You could save newcomers from this!

Selling things isn't that difficult either. You could sell things rom other companies if you don't have the money to fund a stock. Household equipment, (garden) furniture, building materials, etc.

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I disagree with Becker on this one.

You can't exclude the bulgarians as customers whatever you do in Bulgaria. Building your strategy only on foreigners will simply get you broke in the first 3 months.

Most foreigners were selling bulgarian property to other foreigners. There was a boom in this kind of business 2-3 years ago. Now, since the demand because of the financial crisis is minor, they have no income.

I agree on selling services - It's still the best way to make money, all over the world.

I can provide more info, but you have to tell me where in Bulgaria you want to live, what kind of business do you prefer to do, what your expectations are.

Bulgaria isn't an easy country for foreigners, especially Americans and English people. If you don't have a bulgarian friend over here you will be gettin' ripped off every time you make a deal, go to a restaurant or buy a property.

And, if you want to live in Bulgaria, hanging out only with foreigners will cost you twice as much.

I am currently writing a big report for foreigners willing to move to Bulgaria - a real report, not the fancy good looking articles you find all over the web. As soon as it's ready i will post a link to it, read it and you will understand reality in Bulgaria.

I am a re-expat living in Sofia - I moved back here 8 years ago from Germany, where I was raised. Good luck ;)

Buy a apartment and rent out the rooms use it as a B&B


I am Bulgaian and I still live here. Ideas for business?
Tourism mediation. I mean - to look around in the country, to create your own website and to start to invite people from your countru to visit Bulgaria. There are too many natural and historical places to see, Bulgaria is not only Black sea and Bansko. I am convinced, you could find lots of wonderful places to advertise, and you only should look after suitable hotels/ houses near that places. You could be the Bulgarian Guide for the tourists from your country. You could negotiate incoms on the comission basis from the owners of the hotels/ houses, or/and from the tour agents from your country. The idea is bigger than this, we could discuss, if you have any interest...
Regards, Serafim;)

absent :

I disagree with Becker on this one.
I am currently writing a big report for foreigners willing to move to Bulgaria - a real report, not the fancy good looking articles you find all over the web. As soon as it's ready i will post a link to it, read it and you will understand reality in Bulgaria.

Hey Absent, have you finished that report?

Now that would really be interesting to read!

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Café are always good and the Bulgarians really do spend a lot of time in them ! ! !

Good question, I would like to have a retreat, I work with complementary therapies, Reiki etc. Would love to have a haven for people to come a rejuvenate. I did notice that we you buy a house, you have to register it as a home or business, is this correct?

Hi I am visiting Bulgaria for the first time in June and thinking of buying a property, would love to read your report.
When ever visiting countries, I enjoy being with the locals and learning to adapt to the way of the country I'm in. Born in South Africa and having lived in England most of my life, I have never left my comfort zone. In terms of foreigners being excepted, is this different in regions? is it rare to find Bulgarian people speaking English in villages.

Thank you

Oh my, must be tired, just re-read this, does it make sense?

Hi really like this idea, networking and communication are my strengths, but i ONLY speak English.


Well I considered maybe doing up the barn in to two self contained self catering lodges as the main house has a lean to summer kitchen it is seperate to the main house and has a locking door so it would be handy for everyone to use, I am in the middle of no-where it is real peace and quiet who would'nt want a few days of that have a nice outdoor seating area little fir pit glowing a few drinks and  make and share memories under the stars? If I can not sell that as an option I don't know what else you can sell?!

well it makes sense to me although that could mean nothing!

People in villages don't speak English unless they are expats as well.

Book me in! lol sounds like paradise! Shinina

You could make homemade jewelry and sell it from a stall (if you live in the country where it's cheaper).

Hi, Serafim!
We share the same idee.
Please contact me.

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