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I'm a new member on »« and looking for any advice on moving and living in Africa, preferably Mozambique (or maybe on east coast of Tanzania).
I know there are some posts about this subject, but let me write about me and my wish...

Currently I live in Europe and have a family with two young kids. I'm in loved in Africa for several years now. So every year we make a month trip to Africa (different countries). Now I started to consider to move to Africa permanently, preferably Mozambique (I liked northern Mozambique most).
I'm asking for any advice where is best to start? Can I buy (get access of) a land at start (or must live in Mozambique some years)? Do I need get a job first?

Let me write about my wish/plan.... I wish to finally move to Mozambique in next 5 to 10 years (i.e. if can't find adequate schools for kids, ...) and in the meantime keep my job (have specialisation/MSc, finishing PhD and working in hospital) in Europe and start build/buy new home in Mozambique. But I do not know if this way possible at all. What are your suggestions? Or is better to find a job in Mozambique now, rent a flat or house and start to buy a land while in Mozambique?

Many thanks!!!


Hi Blaz and welcome to!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.;)


HI Blaz,,

welcome to, Im glad you have picked Mozambique as your future home country..!!

I work for  a Travel Agency that helps expats moving into Mozambique get settled in.. so I hope the information I supply you with will be satisfactory..

My advice to you is  that you first rent a flat for a for a year or two then buy land which at the moment is not too difficult to aquire  and price will depend on the area you want to live in.If you need any help planing out your trip and stay I will be glad to help with that as well from booking flights, air port transfers,car rental services, accomodation for short or long term,market research on investment opportunities in Mozambique etc..

When you are ready for your move to Mozambique you may inform me and i will organise everything for you, in effort to simplify your move to our beautiful country..

Till then do take care.

Kind Regards,

Mozambique.... 8-D

Many thanks...

Hello.  I would love to hear about the responses you get.  I am not planning to move there, however, i am planning to expand my business and spending a few weeks a year over there.
Also, if you need help with health insurance for you and your family before you move, let me know and i can help with that.


Hey.  Can you also recommend some hotels and good areas to stay?

Hello mpassos and welcome to!

To note that this thread is a bit. ;)
If you have questions, I invite you to start a new thread on the Mozambique forum. This will allow you to have recent informations.

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Same here... I'll be moving shortly after my arrangements are complete.  And always like to be among good fellows

Hi...any advise on finding a job in the procurement or buyers field?


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