Can I work in Saudi if, I left Debt in UAE

I recently left the UAE when I was made unemployED, and I Left some debt behind, it is my intention to repay the debt but I could not get another job in the UAE because of this debt, which also meant I could not repay, I have been offered another job in Saudi, but someone has told me that I cannot work in the GCC because I left debt in the UAE, can anyone please advised if this is true, or what checks will happen if I took the job in Saudi

Please help.

there are many factors thats involved in this and the biggest is luck. i personally know a few blokes who absconded from dxb with over 500K aed of debts and are now working in qatar and kuwait.

but i ve also heard of some folks who were caught doing the same. so i guess, it all drills down to luck and how much trail of your whereabouts you have left behind in dxb.

information sharing in the gcc do exists, but its not in full-swing; as its still work in progress.

before i pass a judgment on your case; do tell .... have you taken the new emirates ID from the uae and what kind of amount did you leave behind?

Thank you for your reply daexpat,

In response to your questions i have left about 70K AED & no I have not taken the new ID card.

People have said similar things to me like you have mentioned, but without knowing more facts I do not want to put my self at risk, and be put in a position that if i was stopped and i would not be able to work and then repay the debt.

Any further information would be grateful.


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