Cheap Gym options in Sulaimaniyah Riyadh

Hiyaa, new in this city and was looking for a GYM. I am really not into all the other services that GYMs here offer. A simple memership to  GYM workout area  will be enough for me or at the most, GYM workout+ pool will b more than enough. i am not looking for an extraordinary experience in the GYM with respect to the facilities and stuff that they offer, just that im addticted to pupming iron and need to fulfill the urge :)
kindly tell me some gyms where i can customize facilities w.r.t my needs(gym+pool or only gym) and which is least expensive in the area, as im not looking forward to spending money on the stuff that i will never use in the GYM :).
It would be great help if you could mention their email address as i need to know their timings and membership duration like 6 months or 1 year or 4 months etc.

Thanx alot


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Good luck in your research,

There is in ritadh palace with 350 sr a month (gym with pool) it is right behind panda. There is another one in al mutlaq hotel in king abdulaziz road with 200 sr a month
Note: those prices are less if you subscribe more than a month.

Thank you @ hadesimp :) much appreciated

so this is the general trend , Gym+pool = 350Sr and Gym alone =200Sr isshhhh...?

any other members who can put in valued information???
thanxxxx :)

Is this ladies gym in al mutlaq hotel ??

Is this the ladies gym ??? At al mutlaq hotel ?

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