New in BKK and looking for local and International new friends

Hi Everybody!

My name is Nassera I am French I moved around quite a lot and been living in Uk and Spain before landing recently in BKK. I would love to meet up with local and international people, for cutlural exchange, sightseeing, travelling around Thailand, Yoga, coffee, restaurant, drinks...

I can speak French, English, Spanish and I just started Thai lessons ;-)

Let me know if you are free for a catch up...


Hi Nassera,

Welcome to! :)

hi! i'm the local guy here. you can call me Ted. i'm looking for an expat friend for cultural exchange and probably hang-out after works. may be, i can be some help for your settlement here. let's make friend and just send me a message :)

Hi wellcome to Thailand ....

Hi Nassx,

I'm also looking for friends to hang out with. I'm Thai by the way but i'm enjoy socializing with international faces to see things outside my own cultures, etc.

I'm 25 years old, female, and working near Sathorn. If you are interested in meeting up for a coffee, drink, day-out, night-out, or shopping please feel free to contact me.

i'm interested...a creative writer from the Philippines...soon to arrive in BKK...

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