Dance Classes?

Hi All,

I'm pretty much new to RAK (been here for a month), so I was just wondering if anyone would happen to know of dance classes or even Zumba classes here in RAK, preferably in the city as opposed to Al Hamra? If so, I would appreciate it if you could send me a private message with more details.


Hey Soha,

If you get to know any classes, please share it for everyone else ! :D


why dont we organize as i am also looking for some activities around here.

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This is really good news, keep us update..

looking forward for your dance classes in al hamra

s_jasmin :


I am a Zumba Instructor and about to organize Zumba classes at Al Hamra Golf Club so I can let you know when I will start probably at the end of the month. I am still looking for a place in the city to give classes. So suggestions are welcome. Currently I have classes at Fitness Time Ladies club.
I don't have internet at home so it might take a couple of days to reply.



Hope you've all managed to find the Zumba classes? They are at Hilton and also Fitness First gym :-)

Hi Soha:

I've got a job offer in RAK so I've been researching it.  I'm originally from Texas  but I've been in Manila for two years after teaching English in S.Korea for 4 years.  I hate Manila but I've got a job offer from a company I've been writing for (online stuff).

I initially turned them down  because I had no idea what life would be like there.  The offer is a salary and a studio apartment.  No car.

Primarily what I was wondering was if there's any opportunity to do any Latin dancing there?  That's my hobby.  I used to teach it too.  I do Salsa, Bachata (my favorite) and recently I'm into Kizomba.

I was reading that there's several hotels there and I was wondering if there's any opportunity to dance at those places.

Did you ever get any information on that subject?

Art Williams

Hello Art, the golf club or hotels at Al Hamra often have 'dancing under the stars' events and the local dance teacher offers workshops and classes in Al Hamra. Have not heard of Latin dancing at the hotels in RAK though.

I'm starting free Salsa and Bachata lessons, along with a Latin Social night, at the Bunker Lounge, on Tuesday nights.
Bunker Lounge is the pub at TowerLinks Golf Club here in Ras al Khaimah.

Class starts at 8 pm. and is totally free.  I'll spend 30 minutes on basic Salsa and 30 minutes on basic Bachata.  After that I'll have some music to put on so we can have about an hour of social dancing.  I'm told that Tuesday is "Ladies Night" and they get free drinks so.... I expect there should be a good crowd.

My goal in doing this is to plant and cultivate a Latin Dance crown here in Ras al Khaimah.  I think we've got the basic ingredients but somebody just needs to take the I'm doing.  Long term... I'd like to start a local Casino Rueda team.

I set up a Facebook Fanpage where you can get more info: .  Anybody's who's interested in Salsa,Bachata, (or Cha-cha)) or Casino Rueda or Kizomba.... please come on out and give us your support.  At some point I can see needing some assistant instructors too.


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Hello Guys, if your looking for a place to teach your dance classes, we have a newly open multi-purpose studio that you can use. You can use the studio for dance classes, martial arts class, or even just a simply place to jam. It is located opposite to Mina Al Arab after the Al Rifa'ah signboard. For more details please call at *** or ***.

Hi Soha i am searching too!

Hi everybody! I'm searching for dance schools or dance classes here in RAK for adults. Does anybody know some places? I wanna dance a lot!!)) Thank you!!

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