5 goods reasons for choosing Mauritius


In Thursday's edition of Weekly magazine, we will explore the top 5 reasons to choose Mauritius to settle down.

Don't miss it! ;)

And of course, we would love to get your opinion on that (before or after reading the article ;)). So, what's your good reason for moving to Mauritius?



The first thing I ever appreciated in Mauritius is that when I forget my French words I can speak English, and vice versa, and no one would mind!

Very kind people. Try to live in Russia a bit

In January it's 30 degrees celsius above and in canada 30 degrees below.

i want to give only one reason to not choose mauritius....

and that is

here is nothing except BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA

1. Climate
2. Environment (free of pollution and/or health harming manufacturing)
3. Multicultural bilingual country (best investment into your children)
4. Lifestyle (if you are outdoor person(s))
5. Pieceful and friendly people (in the majority of the cases)

1.the Island of Pirates in 18th century"treasures are hidden somewhere"
2.beautiful beaches and mountains to explore
3.democratic country
4.Artistic freedom of the cleanest air in the world"long life"

1)Clean air, water and the most amazing light at dawn. (Although I'm a bit worried looking at the rate at which people are polluting!)
2)People are generally very friendly. Good social network easily achieved if you so wish- Virtual strangers will invite you over with your grandma, kids, dog, cat, pet parrot et al.!
3)Relaxed lifestyle- it does wonders for greying and falling hair!
4)The chance to have a social identity- Its a small island- you become famous (or notorious!)really fast:D
5)You can learn quite a few international languages without feeling the need to be partial to countries they originate from!

1 - Tropical lifestyle

2 - Relatively inexpensive bars and restaurants

3 - Ease of doing business and acceptable taxation levels (15%)

4 - For single males, beautiful and easy going girls - expat women keep an eye on your husbands, maybe these late work meetings aren't what they look like :-)

5 - Overall easy going, relaxed atmosphere.

Why I would choose Mauritius

1- The beauty of Mauritius

2- Crime is low

3-Such helpful and friendly people

4-Excellent weather

5-I also love the sea

I oddly just discovered this beautiful place. I lived in Maui Hawaii for 10 yrs and had a successful gallery there until the economy crash a number of years ago. Now I am single and looking for a new adventure. I've read the negatives and have found similar things everywhere. So, now looking for the positive and there seems to be an abundance in Mauritius.

Can someone post a link to the Weekly article on five reasons to settle down in Mauritius?

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I'm late to this party, but I've chosen to come and settle in Mauritius (hi everyone). Here are my reasons:
1. Dholl Pourri. No seriously. Try one
2. Hospitality. I've been invited to 3 weddings...
3. Green foliage that doesn't exist in many places (maybe the Maldives, Seychelles only)
4. Villages. Try Triolet, Petit Raffray and Petit Bel Air. You'll fall in love
5. Reasonable tax laws (lower than Singapore and Hong Kong)

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