Hello everyone :) !

My name is Van. :)

I want to create a club for hiphop dancers and hiphop lovers in Ha Noi. There are many types of hiphop such as hiphop dance, breaking, popping, locking, c-walk, wacking, beatbox and graffity. If you love one of them, join in this club.

I hope we can share our passion and practice together!!!


@ xjt_luv_kenta - Good to see this type of music is in Asia too - Hope your club will be a success :proud

You are welcome to join this :)

I wish i could, but am in another country.. :(
Good luck with your gathering..

Ohhh :(
However thks for supporting us :)

Loving hip hop music but can't do any of the dance. Wish your club a great success anyway.

Hi Van!

Do you know any hip hop dance school in Hanoi?

In two weeks I am  moving to Hanoi and I am really interested on dancing!

Kind Regards,

Love this!
Such a good idea

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