Krivoy Rog./ Kryvyy Rih

Hiya, I see you own apartments in Krivoy Rog, Im coming to work in the business centre in May,in Dmitrova Str, do you have either a studio or 1 bedroom apt for rent near to this location ? this would be a long term rent (1 year) , if so, what is the monthly rent please ?

I look forward to hearing from you, you can email me on dixiecyp[at]


Krivoy Rog is a vast steel Works with mining still going on all around the city. Its a big place and my wife's family live there. I have travelled extensively throughout Ukraine and have only been subject of crime once in 3 years (my wife had her purse stolen in Kiev).

As for Krivoy Rog I have never personally experienced anything more than I do walking the streets in England, even when walking around Krivoy Rog in the early hours of the morning because I forgot where the new apartment was.

With regard to speaking english, I do not find it too much of a problem as long as you know how to say hello, goodbye, etc. most ukrainians are willing to talk or at least try to converse with you and if they cannot they will tell you net (No) they do not speak english.

As for shopping malls there are a few but mostly its big supermarket and some of the girls on the check out speak a little english. There is a whole host of supermarkets, and small mini-markets and prices are very competative.

Accomodation is relatively cheap too, an apartment can be had for around 1300 uah a month not luxurious at that price but functional. Spend 2500 to 3500 uah and you can get a nice palatial type of apartment. But as with everything in the world the cheaper places are normally in not so good districts.

The smog in Krivoy Rog can be a bit of a problem mid summer when the temperature is in the high thirties and you can see it about 100 feet up that there is a cloud of dust that hangs over the city, but you get the same in some areas of London due to road traffic and car exhausts..I will admit sometimes I have felt a little congested on really bad days but I just go to one of the many parks and the air is a lot cleaner.

On the whole I like Krivoy Rog for all its problems, bad roads, crumbling masonry, pollution, tenament blocks, etc. But I think it adds an attraction to the city, anything you ever want is less than a 250 metres away. clothes are relatively expensive but fruit and vegetables are cheap by comparison and the majority of Ukrainans buy from the many markets around the city.

Transport is easy with buses going almost everywhere and costing around 4 uah per journey although I have heard that price will soon be 6 uah. If you wish to drive in Ukraine you will need an IDP (International Driving Permit) from the RAC but only if you hold an english driving licence,  its valid for 12 months, cost is about eight pounds.

Thats about as much as I can tell you for now. Good Luck...


Hiya ,

Thanks for the info, and everything youve described is correct as I have been living here for 9 months , I think the Ukrainians are fantastic people and only wish for a quiet life , Im living in Kosiora opposite the Bazaar so everything is available within a 2 minute walk . I have never felt threatened walking the streets unlike in England where even in my hometown I felt unsafe ,

Best Regards


I know a girl and its family in Kryvoy Rog. She is teacher with good English knowlodge and is looking for a job. U wrote that u invested in chain of English schools. Maybe she can get a job in that school in KR?

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