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I'm Kat, a "house-fiance" looking for some new female friends in Andorra.. I love to cook and travel, and have my own recipe/food blog, called Please do feel free to PM me! Would love to hang out!


Hi Kat, I am in the process of pursuing a relocation to Andorra with my family. How long have you been there and do you like it? It seems so amazing we are wondering why more people don't know and move there. We are visiting August 7-14 if you have any suggestions for how to use our time. I'm also enjoy cooking and writing and will check out your blog.


Hello Stephanie!

I have been here for two years (on and off), but actually MOVED here and became a resident just last month. It is such a peaceful place, I was worried I might get bored, so I started to explore a little bit, and there is tons to do! It is a great nature/zen place, and when you want to be somewhere a little more busy, France is only 40 minutes away and Barcelona only 3 hours. Encamp is a beautiful place with a lake and so many little trails (kid friendly), and In La Vella, the "city", you can find almost all the restaurants/shops. Did you know it's tax-free here? Thats another very good reason to shop. =)

If you like the quiet rustic feel, you can go to Ordino, which is a nice little town.

Btw, where are you from?


Thanks Kat. We are very active outdoor types who ski, hike, mountain bike and motorbike. We want our kids to grow up in a clean, safe, active place and Andorra seems to fit the bill. That said, we are just outside of LA so being somewhat close to the world is helpful. The tax status is attractive, though I'm reading there are and will be changes (now a VAT and business tax, etc) so just trying to make sense of it all which is tough from the Internet.  How far apart are the towns, it seems they are all a pretty short drive.  Are their movie theatres, good shopping, symphony, etc there?

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Hi Kat,

We just moved here at the week end from Canada via the UK.
I'm looking for places for my 16 year old to make new friends. Do you have any suggestions. It's quite tough as most kids his age here have already left school. Jake is home schooled through Canada so Internet cafes etc could be a good starting point.

Many thanks

Lee Karen Andrews

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Hi everybody.
Firstly, I'm sorry if I've posted in the wrong section. Not really sure what I'm doing!
My name is Jess and I'm from the UK. Myself and my partner have been looking at moving to Andorra for a long time. We have visited and loved it. We are self employed, and have been pretty much since finishing school, where we first met (we are now 26). Our plans were to move to Andorra sometime in 2016 and run our businesses from there (alot of it is internet based). We've had a *little* spanner in the works, and have found out there will soon be 3 of us...touch wood all goes to plan, still very early. Obviously this has slightly changed things, but would still like to live our dream of moving to Andorra. I wondered if anyone else has had the same experience as me/us, moving to Andorra with a baby/child, do they go school yet-if so what school? I've heard there is a school in Andorra which alot of 'ex-pats' send their children too, as it's mainly a English speaking school, but they do also learn all other languages-does anyone have any experience with this school? Or other schools? Or anything?! Just trying to find out if there's any possibility of any one else who is slightly like me!! Would out my mind massively at ease. Anyway, any information about anything would be great, would love to hear other peoples stories. Bye for now. Jess

Hey Jess! In doing some research about Andorra, I came across your post. I wondered if you ended up moving and how you are finding it? We too have a little one and wondered what the young family scene was like in Andorra? Any info on your experience to date would be great! Thanks, Jess and James.

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