Lacrosse Players Needed

I will shortly be relocating to Ho Chi Minh City.  I have been involved in the development of lacrosse for many years, serving on the Board of Directors of US Lacrosse, Chair of the US Mens International Teams, and serving on the Board of the Federation of International Lacrosse.

I am committed to developing a mens' lax team in HCMC.  My goal is to have a team in place within 2 years in order to apply to the Federation of International Lacrosse as an Emerging Nation.

Sounds like a crazy idea???  Well, there are now developing teams in Thailand, Cambodia, and China.  Japan is a Full Member of the FIL.  We will have plenty of support from these countries and the FIL.

Please let me hear from you.

Dr. Dan Stern

i dont think it's a crazy idea. But i think Vietnamese don't know about this kind of sport. I think you can hold some lacrosse classes first. Free for everyone joining then they will register if they think they can. And you can choose the suitable persons. I hope to know more about larcrosse very much. Any help or imformation, please contact me via boysuhue92[at]

Thank you for responding.  Yes, we will hold classes for all those who are interested.  I will keep in touch with you.


Thank you so much,
I'm Datto, Vietnamese student at Foreign Trade University, and please contact me as soon as possible.

would also like to experience something new, especially sport :)
please do inform me also: qminhle84[at]

Hello Datto.  Thank you for your response.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Dr. Dan Stern, if you'll like to offer classes, I invite you to post an advert in HCMC classifieds.;)


Late response 2 years later. I read about works beginning. I think the best way to get things going is to take advantage of the fact that a lot of Vietnamese American lacrosse players have family back in Vietnam. You may have to outreach on other websites since I myself want to see Vietnam with a national team.

Hello sir, nice to know about your plan. I hope that it is not too late for me now to reply to you. Well, actually I like Lacrosse really much, I knew about this game through one movie and now I am considering set up a Lax team in our University, the Foreign Trade University, where I am now a freshman. I will be really pleased if I can join your team to know more about the game in reality and how you operate the club. Admittedly, this club is my very first hand experience.
My pleasure to here from you.

Hello, What's the word  with lacrosse in Vietnam? I have an extensive background in lacrosse. Born in Da Nang, raised in the heart of Syracuse, NY. I plan to travel back to Vietnam sooner than later and would like to help out in any way possible.

The dream continues!


Hi Dan,
Did you ever gain any footing in Vietnam with Lacrosse? I just moved to Ho Chi Minh and have lived and breathed Lacrosse for 16 years now.  I coached in Germany for 2 years and really grew the program in Hannover and want to try to do the same here. I would really like to start building a foundation of the sport here in Vietnam and I am currently trying to set up a relationship with some of my former university and club teams to hopefully organize a graduating player gear donation program so I can try to get it started here. If you made any contacts here in Vietnam that I should be in touch with, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared them.
Thanks for your time.

Hi Ryan > just to inform you that the OP has not been active since long time ago. You might want to start a new topic and post your message on the Ho Chi Minh forum ;) Thank you.
Christine -

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