Are there any foreigners living in New Delhi, NCR or Noida, Ghaziabad

In Pune- Nanded City, meet maximum foreigners.

Hi Welcome to India. You can contact toy your known agents which will help you to meet some friends from your region.

we can become frends.and where do you put up?

my name is gagan
i will be ur frend
let us share our phone numbers?


I can teach Hindi and Bengali. I want to learn a language in exchange.. Can help you in getting study visa, or working in India.


Hello miss how are you..i live in Delhi and if you want me to become your friend I will be there anytime foe you...And I will help you to see the best thinks of Delhi and the hotels and all...and if you like clubbing I will join with you  because I also like to make friendsAnd I love to help if you want me to be your friend you can message me your contact details I will help for you..

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hello,,,,,,May i teach u Hindi if u dnt mind??

If Any one need a friend i am here and i would like to know different cultures and i could explain my culture also so anyone interested plz contact me :)

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I live in ghaziabad too. Can we meet.?

Just wanted to make good foreigner friend, any 1 interested??

hii there  i m sandy frm delhi and i can help you as i m working here as a security provider and guide

I wish I could meet them

I will love to introduce you our assamese culture

Hi I am vedanya Krishna Goswami
phone number [moderated:no phone number on the forum please]

Hi All,

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Hi Karlina,

Myself Raoul from Delhi and into business. I hope you finding it good living in New Delhi.



this is vamsi i can take you all the places in delhi it is not social work i am doing, i too from south part of india i can hangout with you on weekends. ***

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Hi, This is Raj. I am in Delhi. Looking for Russian Speakers in Delhi for education and interaction


I am an Oil and Gas professional and had got a Job in Gurgaon so moving to Delhi. Currently working in Malaysia and had worked in many other countries as well during my professional career. would be glad to have friends there.


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HI nice to meet, will be great to know more...looking forward.

karlinna :

I am a female from Europe.
I have a tourist visa and I decided to visit India to meet friends  whom I have known for past 2 years.
Currently I'm staying in Ghaziabad and legally I am not allowed to work here.
If i decide to stay here for longer, I might consider studying / working here.
I'm into travelling, music etc.
I would be interested having some contacts in India while my stay.
Maybe someone would help me in teaching hindi.
All foreigners/indians are welcome:)

yes, nice to know more and my pleasure to teach Hindi and other Indian culture....looking forward and waiting for your reply. thanks

Hii'.  Looking for westen ppl

My kik is navyis21   .

Need any help ? I love to help u .

Hi Karlinna

My name is Deep and I am an Indian Citizen.

We do organize events and give chances to the new people, or some one who is not popular artist
Since you are already an artist so it will OK
Its complete charity and fun all the artist who perform do not ask for any money
They only require loud applauds from the crowd.
OK fine legally you cannot work but you can have gifts which people generally gives to appreciate your performance.
in case you wish to perform and connect to the Artist community

Please advice

Hi...I m not a foreigner indian..but you can take help if needed..

hello.i am getting bored here because i have no friends ...i will love to make new friends and visit new places and explore and enjoy the india

Good man and ready to introduce you to delhi . No intentions . *******************

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Hi ishu bhatt here currently staying at delhi working as a software engineer with japanese company fujitsu

Hii, m rohit from delhi, india,.

helooo me to from delhi so friends

Dnt wanna local frnds?

Hello karina,
   If you are intrested in travelling and also want to stay in indore city then you can try for some social service with our group.

Hi I am German from hamburg living in noida I like to join ur events if u r doing plz let me know up coming events

Hii karalina,

There ar lots of foreigner living in south delhi area of delhi. U can connect through this site and get to know them or you can go to some cultural fest which held at new delhi ymca its awesome.

Can you leave your mobile number.

Hi Karliina,
                    Nice to meet you here .I am Hussain from Kolkata.If you need any information regarding Kolkata you are welcome.
Take care.

I can help u in anyway...

HI contact on ***

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Welcome to the forum jaytomar6

For security reasons please do not post any contact details on the open forum.

sounds good, can always reach out for any help :)

Btw Happy new year to all

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