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Hello !

ohh goddd ! full of surprise on this site !
If you could imagine how bored i am with these visa...
I explain you..
Since three years i met love in papua (i m from france)
I spend now about 9 month per year in papua
My boyfriend can t be my sponsor cause we are .living really far from immigration, so i have a sponsor in sorong, like this she can go alone to the immigration every month..

But every year it s the same...i wait and wait she send me the sponsor letter (cause i asked her before leaving to france but she never ready....) and i always stress with this cause i can t book my flight without this ...

Well, just to say, apparatly, IF I ASK A 2 MONTH VISA, without sponsor, I COULD GET  4 MONTH  EXTENTIONS ?????????
IS THAT TRUE ???? that will save my brain !!!!

a second question please... after 6 month, i will have to go to singapor to ask a new visa to stay 3-4 month more,
i use to ask to my sponsor an other social visa, to get a telex, then to go to singapor to get it, but i don t use is all cause i stay 3-4 month more only..
is it a better thing to do ?
or can i ask a two month visa in singapore that i could extend 2 more month ? how long to do this ?

If you could answer that, i will REALLY thank you !!!!

By !!!

Vanessa, there is no longer any need to apply for sosbud visas in order to have a 180 day visit in Indonesia. 

Simply apply at the nearest Indonesian consulate or embassy where you are in France, for a 60 day visit visa in advance of your next trip.  That can be renewed here in Indonesia at any immigration office for up to four times, each time being good for an additional 30 length of stay, 180 days.  That's exactly the way sosbud visas used to work, except that with a 60 day renewable visit visa, you don't need a sponsor in advance.  That all being said, immigration might ask you to provide a local sponsor for one or more of your 30 day renewals.  Sometimes they ask, sometimes not, but, since you will be here in Indonesia during those 30 day renewals, finding someone local should not be a problem and in fact the immigration office would likely be able to make a suggestion or two for a visa agent of good reputation.

To your second question...yes, as your first stay of 180 days draws to an end, you would need to leave Indonesia no later than the 180th day after your date of arrival (which counts as day one), for Singapore (or any other foreign location) and you could re-apply at that time for another 60 day visit visa at the Indonesian embassy/consulate there.  Singapore is a good choice as they are very used to this sort of thing.

Cheers and good luck!

Hey Ubudian,
thanks a lot for your answer !
that seems like magic !
i can't believe it !
Have you work to the immigration???
Do you know people who did it ? is it really working for 6 month ?
I am sorry for these questions...!! i don t manage to believe...
Have a beautiful day !
Thanks again

From what I have been told, Jakarta recently changed from 30 day stamp plus 5 (180) to 30 day stamp plus 4 (150 days).
I read somewhere that this could not happen now with no VOA but I have no idea where I saw that but an agent would be able to clarify everything. So if someones VOA was up in June then they would need to leave the country then and then the next time out would be no later than the date stamp on the October visa and if I were you, I would go a day or 2 earlier than that to be less hassled by it all.

My only other concern would be the length of time immigration take to stamp the passport because what I have told been it can take up to a week for immigration to stamp it (Jakarta issues maybe) due to the passport actually being taken to the airport to be stamped although I am not sure I believe that. But it can be done for sure.

Just to clear the air, the VOA (visa on arrival) and the 60 day visit visa have nothing in common.  The 60 day visit visa is obtained in advance of arrival in Indonesia at an Indonesian embassy or consulate (obviously out of country).  A 60 day VOA is not renewable within Indonesia.  A 30 day VOA is renewable once…and for 30 days only (viz, 60 day VOA).   

This 60 day visit visa when combined with the allowable maximum of 4 renewals, each renewal being good for an additional 30 days allows for an in country stay of no more than 180 days before it is necessary to leave Indonesia and apply for another 60 day visit visa.  A 60 day visit visa does not require an Indonesian sponsor, and the renewals can be done for each 30 day period at any immigration office.  However, at some point during those 30 renewals, immigration may ask you to produce a sponsor. 

Working in Indonesia under a 60 day visit visa, or during any of the extension periods is not allowed.  Volunteering can be OK so long as that volunteer work is at a licensed Yayasan (Indonesian charity) or NGO (Non Government Organization). 

Vanessa, you should be able to apply for your 60 day visit visa online.  Just Google for Indonesian Embassy Paris and take it from there.

ok !
Thanks again...really

OK Vanessa, sama, sama...asli!  (You're welcome...really)   :D


I have to leave Indonesia before the beginning of August. I need to ask for another 60 days visa so I'm wondering If I will go to Kuala Lumpur or Singapour...

I really would like doing that in 1 day. I heard that it's possible sometimes in Kuala Lumpur, but not sure.
And I would like to know if it's possible to do that in 1 day in Singapour? I know many people used to pay around 150$ for the 1 day service+sponsor in Singapour but since we do not need anymore sponsor for applying for this visa, Im wondering if I can just go by myself in the embassy of Indonesia in Singapour in the morning, asking for the 60 day visa, and pick up it back in the afternoon WITHOUT TO PAY AN EXTRA FEE. I mean I will just pay the visa price (around 50$)

If someone have some informations about that, it would be nice to share

PS: I have the feeling that it will not be possible without to use this "1 day service trip" which is good business for many people... :/

Salut !

je n'en mettrai pas ma main a couper non plus...mais, si rien n'a changé, si tu vas a singapour, tu déposes ton dossier a l ambassade et le récupères deux jours apres..

Si tu veux le faire en un jour, c'est possible, en le deposant au bureau visa express avant 10-11h, qui te le rend en general au plus tard a 16h30.. mais pour environ 100$ de plus (je ne me souviens plus exactement..)

A kuala, je suppose que ca se passera pareil..

Pourquoi dis tu qu'il n'y plus besoin de sponsor? Tu veux un visa deux mois que tu extendrais  2 mois ou 4 mois ?

En passant...l'ambassade a Paris m'a expliquer que lorsque tu as acheté ce visa, ils n'ont pas le droit de te faire payer pour l'extendre chaque mois à  l' immigration...Corruption! !!!!! Donc comme je suppose que ca ne se fait nullepart !!! ils m'ont dit de leur communiquer le nom du gars de l immigration qui te demande de l argent afin qu'ils les réprimendent... Si nous le faisions tous..on ne payerai plus !
Fais passer !

Voila, jespere que je t'aurai un peu eclairci !

Bon trip !


@ Vanessa > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum so that everyone can understand. ( Merci de poster en anglais :))

Thank you,


Ok, merci pour ta réponse.

Actually someone who want to get a social visa do not need to have a sponsor when he apply for the 60 days visa.

This is what Ubudian wrote many times. If someone want to extend its 60 days visa (B211), he just need to find a sponsor before the end of this visa, while he is in Indonesia already. No need to find a sponsor before coming in Indonesia.

No one applied for this visa in Kuala Lumpur and knows how long does it takes?

To sum up, I just wanna make my new 60 days visa as fast as possible and without to pay extra fee :p

Guess everybody wants to do the same, 1 day service without paying for it.

Certainly you can do all by yourself assuming you have the time for it thus you only pay the official fee.

Don't expect you get a 1 day service using an agent without paying.

your naughty friends...this is a big problem  not liked by the Balinese...Javanese  cum here to work illegally..if caught they may be locked up or kicked out...u.lll have to find some1 with a Bali...ID...card.

To have been in that position in the past I can confirm that extension with a non Balinese KTP sponsor is not possible at the desk in imigrasi.. but fully working when hiring an agent to process extension 😂😂 Saya suka Indonesia

how u going to get a 60 day social visa ..without a sponser.. the whole thing is comming here invited by that part of learn the culture..and family doesn.t mean u  get 1 just to come here as a tourist..looking at things.They are responsible for you..if you get into trouble also.

What is the procedure to make sponsor letter from banda aceh

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