Hello Folks,

We are having a group which a bunch of us decided was needed to arrange get togethers in all parts of Antalya. It is mainly for arranging evenings out at the pub, beach party gatherings and any other parties or events that people are organising.


Here is the link for our social Group :

We are sharing our all experience and all informations.And the most nice things we are not just online friends come and have a look.Hope to see more friends with us.


Hello Jacklin.

Why to go on facebook when you could very well organise it here? :)

You are free to propose an meet up here. ;)


Hi Aurelie,

thank you for your replay, yea sure we can why not. Well as you know almost everybodys havıng facebook account and daily we all are checking our Facebook accounts, sharing the pictures, posting allmost everything there. the Social Group is allready on facebook Pages and as ı said allmost everybodys having facebook account thats why ıts gonna be a bit difficullt to move all group from there to here but what can ı do, maybe ı can post some infos about our events here too :)))


I would be interested to know more about the group, but i dont use facebook.

Hi Mike,

unfortunately its a Facebook group we are already 340 ppl who s living in Antalya. We are sharing everything there trying to helping each other and pretty much every week getting together. Of course we can not with all members get together but every week around 20 - 30 ppl we see each other. Sometimes we are organizing big events like Halooween Party like New Year Party or 1st of July Canada Day and now we are working on Easter Gathering. If you like you can call my husband and we can keep in touch hes name is Rob Jacklin and hes Cell number is 0541 841 31 24  Hope to meet with you too. Greetings Banu

Hello Banu.

You can also create a gathering here. ;)
It can be great for those who don't have a Facebook account.

Thank you,


It would be great if could get group organised here too, i really hate using facebook. But if i need to then i'll have to go back on it.

Hey guys, We can post events on here as well that's no problem. Every Friday night we meet at Shakers pub in Kaleici just after you enter Hadrians gate (Uc Kapilar) for pub trivia. If you do come ask them at the bar for Banu and they will find me.

Here we go Every Friday is Antalya Expats Social Group Trivia Night at Kaleici Shakers Pub.
8 th of February Friday evening at 8.00 pm we are going to meet.Please feel free to Join us.

SHAKERS PUB : Ataturk Street when you come Hadrians Gate ( Uc kapilar ) into the Kaleici just look to your right and there's Shakers Pub. When you get there just ask for the Expat group and they will bring you to the upstairs. Ask for Banu or Rob.We would love to see all Expats with us you guys all welcome. :cheers:

Yep I am hoping to be there tomorrow night and meet some new friends.

:) Hope to join your meetings soon


My names is Surya,I'm from Jakarta Indonesia I hope can joint this groups

pagi Surya mas :) selamat datang ke Antalya :)

Hello everyone,

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