friends in brest brittany

hi i am looking for frindship i am 22 and live with my partner and 2 children, my partner is french i am british so our children speak both, i am struggling to find freinds in this part of france, even if you dont have a children but are intrested in fndind freindship please contact me

thanks hope to hear from you


My name is LOLO from South Africa, I am a photographer just relocated to France to be with my partner who is french
We have a 3month old baby boy  and I am looking for friends in Ile de France, Les Yvelines, Montfort, Rambuillet areas

We can exchange languages (English/French) and i have photography teaching skills if interested
contact me on nonstick23[at]


Hi Liana!

I might be 2 years too late but I am also in the Brest area. 

If you are still here let me know and we can get together for drinks and a chat.


hi liana..

My name is Jeremy, i live near Quimper. I am from NZ and am 34 years of age. I am currently working here in a clinic doing energy healing, plus other techniques I have trained in.
Its really hard here for me too.  I dont drink or smoke or anything like that so the pubs are a kind of drain for me<;
But I love people and am loads of fun to be around, I sort of laugh my way through life.
My colleague goes to Brest 2 days a week so i can get up there and back, at this stage I head to Germany to stay with mum for xmas and buy a car, so not returning for 6 weeks.
Hang in there aye !!

It would be nice to meet you an the family and others on the site.
Au revoir. ciao


Hi Liana & Amber!
Just joined this blog,although i have been in brest for the last 3 years. Married to a breton & i have an11 months old baby boy.I am from the northeast part of India where our physical features are similiar to the chinese( long story) Was flying for Air India for about 7 years & travelled intensively till i got bored & decided to settle down.
Would like to connect with you both if you are still around!


Hi Zenny!

I'm still here!  I don't know about Liana & Jeremy?

Would be glad to meet up.  Are you free this week or next?


Hi Amber!
Thanks for the quick response. Am sorry, but this month i have some friends visiting us from toulouse so, i will be quite occupied.Probably next month, i will be free since they will be gone moreover, my son is turning 1 next month so i intend to keep him with a nanny,that way i will have the day time for myself.I hope that is ok with you if we can catch up  next month :)
Have you met up with anyone from this blog if i may ask? Hope you have a good day! :) Ciao!!

Ok, sure, let's plan to meet up next month.

I have yet to meet anybody from this blog. I've met quite a few expats through Facebook, though.

Speak soon.

My name is Yolanda and i live in Pommeret, Brittiny :-)

I was very glad to see your post because i know how hard it is to make friends in this part of france.

It would be nice to meet with you

Kind regards:-)


Hey Amber!
I was wondering whether you will be free next saturday for a drink? If so, we can meet up in brest. Do let me know:)

Dear Liana,

Hope you already find lot of friend in Brest. It is quite a city similar to Plymouth, even the Mont D'arrets looked a bit like the Dartmoor..not so windy in winter though.

I've just come to read your post as I was searching a teacher for my children. So, here I am, a new member of this website so I can answer your call.

I am pretty ready to have a friendship with a British lady when back, I already feel I am missing all the positive British attitude and thoughts.
My name is Myriam, 38...only?, and mum of a 7 years old girl and a 8 year old boy. We all spend the last three years in Plymouth and will come back to Guipavas in June next year. we will leave in Guipavas, which is quite near the airport and not too far from Brest. I've had lived in Brest city centre for years when I wasn't married.
You said you have children too, how old are they? I hope it is easy for them to go to the French school. There is only one bilingual school but it is an High school, not primary( College Saint Anne).

My first language is French, but I felt in love with English many years ago now, so much that it is hard for me to write in French. If we meet this summer, I can help you with your French. I'd love to help you if you need, I can also speak easily English, and I think the kids would really enjoy to play together in English with your children.

From which part of England are you from?

Quite a big answer, sorry I said too much but that's natural and I can't help it.

Kind regards,


Hello there MyriamHappy

Welcome on board  :)

Liana has not been active on this thread since years. I suggest you participate on more recent threads of the Brittany forum so that you may get some feedback.

I have already created a thread from your post here : maybe you could add some details.

All the best

Thanks Bhavna for your help. I'll have a look and keep in touch.

Hello Myriam Happy,

I'm an English Teacher, and will be moving to Brest next month. I'd love to connect with you.


Hi Shelley,

I'd love that too. I hope you're gonna like Brest as much as your Country. Where are you from in US?
I've been in Norfolk some years ago. That is a very different way of life.
Do you know where you are going to leave in Brest?
I suggest we find a way to communicate by emails. Only I don't know how to send private messages in this forum. Maybe you can send me you Facebook or twitter and I'll get in touch there then.
Wish you the best Shelley for your moving,

Kind Regards,


Hi Myriam,

I've just sent you a private message. I hope you're able to see it. If not, please let me know...


Hi everyone. Just seen this topic so thought i wojld say hello.
I live further East than Brest but would enjoy chatting.
Say hi back if you would like to chat back.

Hi Richard,

I'll be moving to Brest next week. Any ideas on which companies/schools I should apply to for teaching English?


Dear Liana,

How are you? I am Myriam from Brest, well almost, in fact Guipavas. We are a bi-lingual family too and my little girl 7 and boy 8 are desperate to meet some friends.
We spent the last three years in Plymouth. My husband was posted there and now we are back here. We've just moved, so we still have some stuff to deal with, a bit tired too, but I'm sure I can find some time to meet you up somewhere for a cuppa in the City Centre once the kids are back to school.

Bye for now,



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