Las Pinas, Paranaque, Alabang

Any expats on the southern part of Metro, Las Pinas, Paranaque or Alabang vicinity?

I used to hang out Cowboy Grill Las Pinas....I still go there with my friends sometimes....Pm me if you want to join:)

Not yet but soon, I will be living not far from Sucat SM in Paranaque

@petrih: I'm from Cavite a few minutes away from Las Piñas. there are more expats in Makati, QC, Taguig, Ortigas (these are business districts).. Though I see more and more expats in Cavite these days. What do you do in Las Piñas?

I sometimes stay with some relative in Alabang. But mostly I am in makati
U are in las pinas? Where there?

I live here near Southville International School.

Oh yeah! Ciitadellaaaaa

@ri3panda- just went there at Alabang Town Center last Saturday and Sunday watching Ice Age & Magic Mike:) we should meet and start a new expat gatherings in Las Pinas...what do u think?

I'll be there again for the Batman movie next week until my free movie pass in Makati will be granted...

petrih :

I live here near Southville International School.

Wow, first time to hear an expat living in Las Pinas :)

Moving to Alabang next week

lol there is hundreds of us here.

Business district of Alabang just very near, Makati 15mins away via Skyway. If you don't like condo living Las Pinas is a good and safe place for you.

Hi Petri, I'm moving to Manila in the next month, considering Paranaque mainly as I want to stay in a house rather than condo. Do you have any good tips on specific subdivisions you recommend within that area? I understand Las Pinas is a little farther from Makati (where my office is) compared to e.g. BF Homes, Merville, but it's been difficult to find decent useful info online about those as well. Appreciate any insight you want to share!

It kind of depends what are you looking for.

BF Homes is a part of Paranaque City but the other part of it is also on Las Pinas side. Basically trip from Las Pinas (my house) to Makati usually takes 30 minutes or less, so it's really not that far as Skyway drive is fast.

Hello!  I just recently moved to Alabang from Minnesota! I'm currently renting a 1bdr condo. Maybe we can get a group together who lives in the area. I work in Ortigas so the drive is tolerable but times frustrating but right now it will have to be as for job goes. I have relatives in Paranaque living in BF homes.

I live in Paranaque.

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