Annual leave in Libya

I am trying to go through Libyan Labour Law and executive acts from 2010 to determine how many days it gives of annual leave. The Law from 2010 gives 30 days for under 50 years old and 45 for above. It does not state whether it is calculated in calendar days or working days. Looks like it is in calendar days.

But few months afterwards they issued executive acts to this Law where they wrote that "weekends, days of official holidays and sick leaves are not deducted from requested leave" (Article 17, act 595/1378) suggesting that these 30 and 45 days are working only. Any suggestions or hints? Maybe someone was/is hired on Libyan Law and could tell me to how many days of annual leave he/she was entitled?

I would be (as usual) more than grateful for any helpful reply...


in General the regular annual leaves are just like you said and for those over the age of 0 or have 20 years of service are intiteled to 45/days/year and should enjoy not less than 15 consecutive days/year .

sick leaves and official holidays are deducted from the requested leave

weekends are not deducted from requested leave

you can find all the details on the old copy of the labor law whish is specific the labor relations law no 12/2010 are complementary and general

i have the copy in arabic if you want me to send you both copies i will but you need to translate them


Thanks for the info.

I have both Laws. 12/2010 is quite easy to find. The executive acts I brought from Libya. The problem is that the wording is not very clear.

Ok, so let's suppose I work 5 days per week and have 30 days of vacation. I want to go on a vacation in September. Let's suppose there is no offcial holiday from 1 to 30 September. How many days will I use? 30? 30 - weekends?

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