Are there Pakistani in Istanbul?

I am visiting Istanbul with my family soon.  have you opened your restaurant yet?

I really miss Pakistani food. Let us know if you open one day

Yes I can help you . this my contact num ***

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Life in Istanbul is very distinctive

Prices are much lower than in Europe

The Turkish people are friendly and generous

I have been living in Istanbul for three years and life here is very enjoyable

Salam Alaikum,

I live in the Abu Dhabi City, glad to know you live in the same country but different city.

I plan on studying in Turkey.

If you got any information about the country as such please let me know as well.

I am trying to gather as much as information I can get in hand.


Allah Hafiz

Hi / Salam,
Istanbul got lots of universities and good for studies. Scholarships available too.
Compared to other jobs, it's easier to find English language teaching job specially for a native..
With a little experience of teaching English and a relevant degree, one can find a job easily. Language center, College or University depends on your qualification. But life is tough and it's hard to find Desi and Desi culture here. Unlike UK, US or M.E..
Good luck..

Thank your lucky stars for YouTube. You can learn to cook all the delicious foods, 1000s of videos. Yes, sourcing spices might be an issue, but I think you will be able to manage it.

Dear All
I am seriously thinking of relocating to turkey for good . However am not sure about how turks see pakistanis in general. Some folks say turkey has lot of safety issues unlike dubai which ia very safe. Dubai is very expensive to live and weather is too warm.
I know there are no joba in turkey but i would like to start a business.
Please share your thoughts

Im Living in Turkey for more than two and half years, learn a lot of things from these people. I can't say how they see Pakistani, it depends on you how you treat them. For the business, I can share some contacts with you who are doing Business in Turkey they might help you and guide you in a better way.

Hi nice to hear well according to weather istabul best place to leave .

that helped so much. i am pakistani too.. just moved here...
glad to know a fellow pakistani is here. :)


Shaistarahimi :

Hi nice to hear well according to weather istabul best place to leave .

Best place to leave? #seriously?


I visited Istanbul and its a lovely place.


I just done my iqama process in Turkey.
Now I am preparing to move to Turkey.
Please contact on my *** for further communication and information exchange

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İ start using nymgo app for calling pakistan they seem cheapest one.

Sorry to ne affended but its seem he is lying 90 tl is cheapest labour for one Day evening if u living illegal

Khuda Hafiz is Paki dialect for Good Bye ... lollzz .. its not his name :D

I am living in Istanbul ,Nice place and Turkish peoples very friendly especially with Pakistanis, Istanbul very beautiful place for visit and live.

Istanbul 2 to 4 restaurants pakistan desi foods ,i been staying in istanbul 2 years.good country and living stander high .nice weather almost .Turkish language mostly people speaking .English is some people know .main Istanbul mostly  different countries people staying .

Hi... There  are lots of Pakistani's living  in Istanbul.... I  am with  family...  Used to live in London... If you need any kind of help... Do not hesitate to contact me... Regarding company registration  and kids admission in public schools....  Etc

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for sharing such information, however it seems that language barrier is there even in such a high technology pace.

Let me know if someone who can speak on social changes and the affects on it and how it looks in Turkey.

Here a brief intro.. I am a Training Specialist in IHG.

So please post in comments to have a better conversation.

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