SOS really need help!

This is only possible by mutual agreement (the banks are often willing to negotiate, as getting a little is still better than getting nothing) or by challenging the charges in court (they really seem excessive to me).
One precludes the other. In both cases it might be advisable to engage a lawyer.

And you should learn from it: Running away never solves a problem, just makes it worse.
You should have talked to the bank in 2010 when you lost your job!

In addition to Beppi’s advice. I certainly very much sure that if you speak to them and request them to waive off the interest amount as it’s now more than 13 times of the principal amount, they will think of accepting it. Bank is well aware of that no sense a debtor who was unable to pay the principal amount $6k few years back, will pay $80k now. So, it’s time for them to come forward to negotiation table and close this. Try to approach them politely and request them as a goodwill gesture towards the customers, please waive the interest amount and you will be paying back $6k and in addition to if any little interest. Hope they will accept your proposal. Good luck

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