Good Standing Certificate for a Nurse


My wife need a Good standing Certificate from Riyadh. We are in Australia at the moment. We applied for the same certificate almost 2 months ago and we got an online certificate, but electronic format of the certificate is not acceptable here in Australia.

So can somebody help to get a paper based certificate from Riyadh?

Please help me....

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I SINI SAMUEL staffnurse working in KKGH Hafralbaten KSA i have given resignation, .presently am in Saudi Arabia i will leave Saudi and will be back to India on 12th march 2013, am planning to go abroad mainly to eastern provinces other than Saudi Arabia and also willing to go western country, is NOC and good standing certificate necessary for all nurses if so how to apply for good standing certificate from Saudi Arabia, to whom i have to approach please reply me as soon as possible thank u

I worked in Saudi for almost 2 yrs.i also submitted my resignation with 4 months notice. However, as I spent my vacation to other gcc country something went wrong to my passport. Because passport is of no good I am left with no choice but to submit immediate effectivity of resignation. However, I am planning to take nurse licensure examinTion but one of the requirement is
The certificate of good standing. I applied online and called their hotline but to no avail. May I ask anyone from here if am I right in typing in the scfhs
Number using the Saudi council I'd no. On the front page? And if someone have an idea on how to get an secure a copy of it? Any enlightenment will be appreciated. Thank you.

good standing certificate is necessary for doctor job in saudi arab

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