work visa processing how long ?

Hi guys im new to this forum. Me and my friend been waiting for our visa for 4 months already. Accdg to the agency it would take 3-4months , we asked them via phone call what is the assurance that our visa is in the process and how long will it really take? They answered that they don't know and the latest update of the employer is still in the process. By the way applying as a nurse and they are in urgent hiring but until now we are waiting in vain. We are planning to withdraw our application. Is that a good decision ? Any help or opinion guys? Thank u poh 😊

Hey aquarius,
I am not in authority to tell you whether to wait for it or not, nor should you base your decision on what I have to write here. But as a fellow 'kabayan' I would just like to share what I've seen so far. Some nurses who finished their contract in the hospital where I am currently working, left and applied again to the new contractor for the same hospital. Although, they had all papers ready, and been here in Kuwait for years, still it took most of them over a year to come back here. Some where hired directly by KOC hospital, others re-hired by a different contractor. One lady even put her application to Canada on hold just to get in KOC hospital, she almost lost hope. A few ladies, I know personally, left  and applied to another hospital, exited to Bahrain, stayed there over 2 months and still papers aren't finished. They opted to go home to Philippines and wait there. What I see though, is that there's no concrete time frame on visa processing, if you have better option, go for it. Good luck! 😉

Hi Kabayan, what if we already signed the contract and we accept offers from other company? Are we going to pay for the visa in the company that we signed the contract?

How long all of you wait for your work visa in kuwait...

Hi! Same situation here.We've been hired last march but until now processing parin yung papers namin.

It takes 4mos.

Usually Kabayan,in Philippines in all the agencies there, once you applied and everything is in process and you withdraw, the agency will ask a certain amount as payment for the services incurred before they will give you your passport back. I don't know if that's legal back home, or if POEA allowed that, but that's what happened to my sister and a couple of others who withdrew their application. But if visa had been stamped in passport, that's another story. From what I know in some agencies too, once they have the visa they will keep your passport and will only hand it to you upon departure at the airport, to make sure you will not withdraw at the very last minute.

I waited for mine over 5months. From the start of application-when I was interviewed til I left, a total of 10months waiting.

It almost 6 months but until my visa from kuwait is still processing,,,.

Hi i hope someone could still replied with my post as i know this forum was active about 2yrs. ago. I would just like to know if how long it takes fo you guys waited for your visa. i hope that everyone here have already pursue their dreams in kuwait. its been almost 8mos. now and my visa wasnt release yet some of my co applicants who were hired right after me already have theirs, however for me im still waiting for it. i hope someone can answer me back. Thankyou so much Godbless

Hi when Kuwait shoon visa office open plz help me

How long to open Kuwait shoon visa office anybody help me

Hy am espectring my visa on tuesday for kuwait how long will it take for me to travel?

ask the embassy in your country

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Hello and mabuhay to all my fellow kabayans here(philippines) and abroad! I hope my message find you all in good health and spirit..
I am a newbie in this forum. I have stumbled upon this gem in my attempt to find some self-help/diy-research-on my quest for answers related to the greener pasture overseas. Just like most RNs here in the philippines,i have been dreaming and praying for a good employment abroad for quite sometime. So now i am embracing this new tide of diaspora in my life.
Last February, one of the leading private hospitals in Kuwait announced via social media and local news here in PH that they have vacancies for various healthcare related jobs. The said hospital was dubbed i think, as a 5-star hospital for its luxurious services. I was enticed by their offer (free Licensure,free accommodation &/or transportation, paid annual vacation leave- though we'd have to pay for our own to and fro airfare,monthly salary of 360++KWD-the "highest pay grade for private hospitals"  they say, not bad for a newbie/ soon-to-be ofw like me i guess) and walked according to my faith.
After braving the MOH Kuwait Licensure Exam last March, I and the rest of the 200++ rn applicants submitted our  photocopied papers and ORIGINAL passports to *** agency,signed the letter of undertaking and was instructed that the entire waiting period for the whole process (approval of job offer  from MOH Kuwait, licensing from kuwait,dfa RR papers,medical,visa etc) before we could set foot in Kuwait would take about 6 months on the shortest. So now we await for the updates/development/news from the agency. It's been two months and still no word from them. We can now feel the pressure of waiting in anticipation, and oh the agony of regularly calling in to check for "any" update/s. Only to be told to "wait", alas the travails of waiting for
Anyhow, it is through this VERY helpful and informative forum (SALUTE.. KUDOS  to you dear contributors!!what a gem this is!!)  that I have learned the "art of waiting" for that much coveted Kuwait working visa for RN's.  I now understand that it is quite normal for this entire ordeal to unfold like seasons in a year, it will take its time brewing....ever so slowly. The most important virtue one must have is PATIENCE,lots of it, for him to endure the tedious process.
I THANK YOU all my virtual friends from the bottom of my heart!!! This forum has been  helping me not lose hope.
And while I and the rest of the 200++ rn applicants await, may I politely ask anyone amongst my kabayans if you good fellows happen to know what the Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait is like??generally as an institution to work for? Or maybe there's a friend of a friend who may have feedbacks wether good or the not so good, stories to tell, itsy bitsy notes on what not to do's or say while employed there; what is the culture (working and camaraderie)
and dna of that hospital? Are there many fellow filipino RN's in the post? How about the remuneration policy for the expats and  how suitable is the accommodation for the ladies? (you can imagine the dread of me as i am a thumb-size probinsyana)
I apologize for the countless questions. I guess I am just trying to prepare myself for this new journey. For a soon-to-be ofw, it will truly come in handy to have clear snippets of what to expect than be caught off guard.
I hope that my fellow kabayans will spare me some time from their busy work schedule and shed light in my novel,hihihi
Thank you guys,love love love to all!!

March 27th I applied from india to my employer in Kuwait and I got my visa in hand on 28th may. So I guess 2-3 months u should be getting ur visa

same here! please let me know if you are already in kuwait, and how long you waited for your visa? im still waiting for 8 months now. im so hopeless now! :(

I guess it depends on employer n also if its a group visa or individual.

Good day, it took 8 months for my visa to arrive but unfortunately I have my name spelled incorrectly. They return my visa to Kuwait for correction but until now (its been 7 months already when they return for correction) they said my visa is still on process. It has been already 1 year and 5 months so I decided to apply to another employer.

please help me..i wanna know how long will take to prossesing a shoon visa and kadam relly help less please let me know..

Hello good day every one.....

I just want to know how long should I wait for processing the kuwait visa..I was hired last May 17 , 2017 of our employer..I already signed Job Order from our agency but we dont have copy yet. All the requirements was there already except for my Medical examination...So now it's almost 3 months waiting for my working visa....the other day I called the agency to follow-up my visa status...but they just told me to wait for there calls now I just get upset and feeling frustrated because I sacrifice alot ....the time , Money and other opportunities like intrvws for other can I go for ntrvw if I dont have passport etc...

Hello my self Sumit

I find job in Kuwait all formalities done by agent but visa not gate 30 days gone

No any one halp me hear

Hi bro,
I got a job from one, oil and gas firm last 4 months before... mean time  i had received the offef letter also,but still i didn't receive my work permit yet. Mah j know how long it will take.

My husband work visa done in 1 month 1 week

My one they said that work visa will it takes 4 months...the thing is i'm new to move kuwait.
Have anyone knows please guide me.

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