African Americans Living In Senegal

Iam an american who grew up in Nigeria,now looking to raise my 3 boys in senegal


What kind of information are you looking for?

This is a very informative post.  I have been looking for something like this for other countries as well.  It is refreshing to find it here.  I want to visit west Africa in the future with Ghana, Gambia, and Senegal being the main countries I want to visit.

What amount of income would be needed to live comfortably in Senegal?

Hi Hereandbeyond:

That is a broad question with so many variables.  I can't give you a dollar figure per se because it depends on your situation.  Retired with a pension, social security?  If you have those or one of those, you can probably live comfortably.  If you are not retirement age -- and need to continue working -- you will have somewhat of a problem, as there a few jobs here, but if you have an entrepreneurial spirit you may be able to get by. 



Stephanie here.  I go by the name of "Gambia Here I Come"  I work half time in The Gambia and half time in Washington D.C.

I am bringing two friend from Memphis Tn to Senegal and The Gambia.  We are spending 3-5 nights in (or around Dakar), then we are headed to The Gambia.  We we will be arriving in Dakar the last week of May.

Can you tell me if there is some type of car/taxi service (really a nice A/C SUV to handle the road) to Kaolock then to Banjul.  We want to explore Senegal by taxi on the way to Banjul and looking for suggestions.

Reply to:  GambiaHereIcome:

This site used to be so easy to navigate, but I have had a problem getting in.  I am not sure you can drive into Gambia.  From others I have spoken with, you can drive to the border and then you must take the ferry to Gambia, which for you that would mean leaving your SUV behind.  There are many car rental places available.  I also understand the road from Dakar to Gambia is a bit of a nightmare and I've been told by several Americans visiting here they would never do it again.  Might be a good idea to fly to the Gambia from Dakar -- rent your SUV over there and fly back.  If I get any more information for you, I will let you know.

Is this post still active?  I've been in Dakar for 15+ years and as a native Floridian, I LOVE the concrete construction.  Aluminum (can) houses and trailers are the cheapest form if you ask me.  It's a rare day a building falls over during a storm.  The US east coast is constantly getting ripped apart.  I think we need to export the building know how from here to there, instead of vice versa, especially now! 

Anyway my email is SenegalStyle[at]  I have a business consulting service and homestay guesthouse for visitors and Wolof/French/Arabic language students. 

Welcome to my adopted home country!

Hi there again.  I just received a message from an American woman in Dakar that has a bed and breakfast and many different tour packages, including one to Gambia.  Google SenegalStyle B&B.  She sounds fantastic and reasonable.  Sounds like you and your friends are in luck.


Regina (Amina) Gaye


I''ve hooked up with Sineta (with SenegalStyle B&B) and she has given me wonder advice.

Thanks to both of you.


You are welcome, Stephanie.  Have a great trip.


Greetings ! Anyone out there willing to host a recent grad for a couple of days? I'm thinking of visiting and I'd be a lot more comfortable visiting Senegal in the hands of some folks from home (and my mom would be too !) ... I hope no one is offending by me asking to be hosted ... but I figured ... why not ?

Other ethnic groups rely on each other when traveling ... and black folks from the U.S. can be some of the most hospitable and helpful people on the planet ... We survived Jim Crow by helping each other.  Soooo yep ... I'm asking .. lol

Hello and welcome to Senegal!

There is an Anglophone B&B guesthouse targeting students and budget travelers in Dakar.  Did you do any online research yet? 

Check out SenegalStyle or just read the comments that are already here, I see someone has already mentioned it.

As an expat living in Senegal I can attest that other ethnic groups do business with each other in very close knit communities so that they all thrive.


Not sure what you mean by hosting.  You need to say a little more in your request.  I live about 2 hours outside Dakar, and it is more calm and quiet here.  If you are looking for submersion activities -- Dakar is probably your best bet.  Try the student location mentioned above.


Hi, my name is Lina. I'm a Registered Nurse. Coming to Senegal in September 2014 with my partner who is senegalese.
Looking so forward to this.. Any introductory comments gratefully received.

What a coincidence.  A friend of mine from Los Angeles called a couple days ago saying that a friend of his was coming to Senegal in September and that friend was a registered nurse.  Would that happen to be you?

Hi! I am not sure if this thread is still active, but here goes nothing...

I just arrived about a week ago. I am a teacher at a school in the suburbs of Dakar and need to meet people. I am trying to learn Wolof as I don't speak French, but also looking for people to go out and be social with.


Welcome and Yes this thread is still alive.  I live about 2 hours outside Dakar in La Somone (near Saly).  Read back through the different posts on African Americans Living in Senegal and you may find one or two people that live in Dakar.  One particular lady was in the fashion business and lived in Dakar for a while.  She went back to New York and I don't know if she has returned.  But I am sure you will meet some people that you can socialize with there.  If you are ever in the Saly area, let me know.  Would love to conversate.  I have lived here for 8 years.  Give yourself some time, you will meet people.  If you just NEED to speak English (I know the feeling), I am here.  Regla

I will be moving to Dakar to teach next month and I would love to hang out! I'm 23 an new to the expat life but I am very excited !

Hey Meeka, do you know where abouts in the city you will  be?

Hello there! Welcome to the land of TERANGA, hospitality. Maybe someday we will meet in person in some activities going around in Dakar.

Hello! Wish you all  the Best  travelling experiences ever in my lovely homecountry.! Make yourself at home!

Mohamed - I think you must send a message directly to Tiffany.  Your message came to regla.


reglan :

Mohamed - I think you must send a message directly to Tiffany.  Your message came to regla.


Oh I am really sorry! Thanks for letting me know. How is your day today?

SoulChildMeeka :

I will be moving to Dakar to teach next month and I would love to hang out! I'm 23 an new to the expat life but I am very excited !

Hello there! Welcome to the land of TERANGA, hospitality. Wish a warmly welcome and an exciting experience!

OMG I've been looking for a AA network in Senegal for the past 5 years. My husband in from Saint Louis and we go every other year and I am soooo bored cause I have no friends other than my in-laws and even though Saint-Louis is beautiful and easier to navigate than Dakar I get bored so fast since the the culture there is very laid back and I'm a city girl to the core. I actually was planning not to go back this next time cause I have no one hang with when my husband goes with his friends...if there's a facebook group or something please let me know....Who knows, maybe I'll go back this year. We're in our early 30s and plan to retire there but if I don't know anyone it's gonna be rough for me to stay longer than a month.

PS. I speak fluent Spanish and French, my Wolof is pretty basic(I can communicate with 5 year-olds pretty well lol.

like you said,St-louis is very laid back,i stayed over there in the late 80's,it was quiet fun for me as a native senegalese,but for an american like you...
your best shot is to hang out with your husband and his friends or try to hook up with some students at university of St-Louis.there might have what they call an english club and from there you could meet friends
take care and good like
ps;for retirement there is no better place than st-louis

Hello, my wife, and I are retired educators.  We will be moving to Dakar, Senegal this month.  We would like to hook up with some African Americans who now live in Dakar.

Hello Alonzo and wife.  Welcome to Senegal.  You will have a wonderful life here.  I have lived here for nine years (also retired -- early).  It's a shame, but I do not personally know any AA's in Dakar.  We live in Somone which is about 1.5 hours outside of Dakar.  And actually there are no AA's here either.  There is a lady from NY that has a home here, but she has not yet retired.  If you are ever in the Saly area, please let me know.  As well, when you get settled, let me know and when I come to Dakar, I will make contact. 

Oh forgot, there is a woman in Dakar that has lived there for many years.  Her business is SenegalStyle and you can find her on the web.  She and I have never met face-to-face only through email.

Again. Welcome to Senegal and look forward to meeting you two at some point in the future.

Greetings! Is this forum still live? i will be moving to dakar in march and i'd love to meet up with fellow African American "expats"!

Hello and GREETINGS from Sunny (but not hot) Senegal!

I would be happy to give you a 'newcomer' tour of Dakar!  Look up SenegalStyle on google for my connection information!

Hi there! Welcome to senegal! Yes iy's going on! Let's keep in touch and hopefully we'll plan something for you to have a great stay here in Senegal. Check my skype: Fadibeckh and we can get in touch from noiw on.Do you use facebook? Let me know ,please!Welcome!

Greetings, we are in Dakar near the airport. We are loving our stay so far. 

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Hello Nillie..... I am Mateen ...and also live in Tn. , How has live been since your return there contact me @ Skype .......... ( Vegan2560 )

Greetings Everyone , I am really interested in learning and being involved into the African Culture , Can someone help me !  It would help for my travels there , I live in USA and can be Contacted through my Skype @ and there we can share Phone No#                                            Thanks in Advance PEACE

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hey girl are u here yet? I'm in Dakar now

Hi, I am interested in moving to Senegal. Actually I am interested in acquiring land to develop. Can you assist? I live in NYC

jucallll :

Hi, I am interested in moving to Senegal. Actually I am interested in acquiring land to develop. Can you assist? I live in NYC

Hello jucallll

To whom is your post dedicated to please?


Seeking any agency, person, government or quasi government organization that has access to land and able to negotiate a land investment deal to develop a tourist hotel and small community.

Yea, Im here! I've been here for 2 months ...loving it!

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