Looking for a good nursery/ preschool or playgroup

I just realized that my contact number above is wrong!
The right number is in the directory! Under kindergarten or Pre-primary.

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you can look up for GYMBOREE PLAY & LEARN
telephone : +966 54 105 1512 :)
my son went there he spends his time with joy and fun he learns alot of things there he never talked after he start to go there he sings with them .their are kids in age of 2 years

Hello roroaa braiwesh

Could you recommend this institution in our Business directory so that other members can easily find their contact infos?

Thank you

Kenjee Team

Hi I have a 13 month old baby and I would like to  bring him to a playgroup for 2 to 3 hours for 2 days a week. I want him to socialise/play with other kids. I have only been in Riyadh for 2 months.

Ps am looking for a primarily English speaking preschool playgroup/nursery. Plz let me know your contact details.

Many thanks

You can try My school

Hey, I am looking for pre-kindergarten for my 2.5 years old daughter,, i prefer if the main language is english but i am fine with Arabic too, Anyone close to Exit 14-15 on the eastern ring road?

its difficult for the first kid living outside compound to socialize much, we have a lot of friends but still,, its not the same


I would love to join a play group, i have a two years old son, and im new in Riyadh, but also im looking for a preschool, he's feeling bored although im trying to do some activities with him, but he needa to play and interacts with kids

Hi i am louking for pre-school for my son hi has 18 months can I have your number?
Thank you

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Hi all,

This is an old thread but I was wondering if there is any reasonably priced preschool for my 2 year old daughter near exit 9. I've taken a look at a few such as the one mentioned above. I was wondering if there is anymore or even if there was a mother-toddler group my wife and daughter could go to for a few hours when ever it's convenient.


Hello ,im najla,new to riyadh.I would like to get some suggestions for pre schools for my gal who is 2.4 years old.I dont want it very expensive 1s.I want her to get into a school where she can learn arabic and english.

Hi Suha,

Do you run a mummy and baby playgroup at your montessori? I have a 10 month old baby.

Thank you,


Hai My son is 2 years and 5 months old. He is feeling lonely at home, at times crying without reason I don't know how to handle this situation..  Pls help me I want to leave him somewhere where he could find new friends and play with them... If he gets ro spend time atleast for 2 hours is enough for me and that too in the evening. Am in Ishara Rail. Near abc cargo.. Any help appreciated. Thank you

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