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My wife and I are nearing the age retirement and have Nicaragua high on our list of countries to move to.  We have lived in Costa Rica and Nevis, and want to return to the tropics.  I am an experienced tennis professional and would like to explore finding a way to teach tennis in Nicaragua.  Is there anyone who might have a contact or can suggest ideas on where I could pursue my idea?  Thank you!

Hi gravan,

Welcome to! :)

Hi Gravan,
Welcome to the site!
I believe you will find that Nicaragua is a very friendly place to live for you and your family.Since you have experience living in Cost Rica, you will have no problem here. The cost of living is much lower here, and the people are very friendly.
I have been coming here for 3 to 4 months each year since 1996, and will be permanent by the end of this year.
Do your homework and think for yourself. Do not listen to people who send you to sites such as puravidatravels to hear negative comments from people who are simply clueless.
Best of luck, and welcome to Nicaragua!

We retired in Managua.  We belong to The Sporting Club gym which has 2 tennis courts (although one of them is only in fair condition).  There is a local tennis pro, Miguel, who gives lessons.  Also, The Club Terraza has tennis courts and I believe the golf club Najapa has tennis courts.  You may want to check into those locations.

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