I think we should cover basic needs for all, whcih could range from language to basic free services, links, anything!;)Free and Non -Free.

There's so many services available that even locals have no idea about(we are not as resourceful as foreigners!!!:P) so that makes it even harder for foreigners to get around,people who have been living all their lives here get lost in their own city!:P

For starters, I think we can cover the Language issue, THERE ARE places that foreigners CAN learn Greek!

Hellenic Culture centre:
(0030) 210 5238149

Ministry of Education’s Institute for Lifelong Education (IDEKE):
After completing all four levels consisting of 150 hours instruction and passing a written and oral examination, successful students are issued a certificate that EU citizens can use to show proficiency and non-EU citizens need as one element to apply for a long-term EU-wide residence/work permit.

EU citizens need only show their passport, while non-EU citizens must show a valid residence/work permit and a letter from their employer certified by police.

In Athens:

24 Mavromichali & Kountourioti
1st floor
Tel: (210) 598-0060
E-mail: kee-aigal[at]

Rizareios Ecclesiastic School
1 Rizari
Tel: (210) 682-3964
E-mail: kee-hal[at]

521 Vouliagmenis Ave
5th Gymnasium, 3rd floor
Tel: (210) 996-0905
E-mail: keeili[at]

Kato Patissia
53 Dagkli Street
Tel: (210) 854-1078, (210) 854-0566
E-mail: kee.ath[at]

1 Ioannou Metaxa
Tel: 2106664788
E-mail: mail[at]

88 Tzavella Street
3rd floor
Tel: (210) 422-0056
E-mail: mail[at]

The Greek-language learning programme for migrant mothers(NEW this fall)


Rethumnou 2, In Athens, next to the National Archeological Museum
Web Site
Tel: 210 82 17 710
Attention: Ms Anna Drakopoulou
Download application form: HERE

Volunteer Teachers centre - Greek (free)Languages courses
Courses are during the afternoon(6-8pm)
Aristonos 6, Kolonos, Athens(near centre)

[email=ethelogreek[at]]e-mail 1[/email]
[email=ethelodiki_enimerosi[at] ]e-mail 2[/email]
Mr. Ksiridou : 6975839220 (10.00am – 1.00pm)
Mr. Mpouziou: 6972237912 (2.00pm – 5.00pm)

If anyone has any links/info to add would be great!:)


Thank you very much for this post...! I am a complete beginner re Greek and will start  10 weeks beginner course next week in London.... but planning to come 4 weeks in January as holidays and try to improve it by taking lessons... so will definitely have a look in more details at the info here!

Many thanks,


The University of Athens offers a pretty good program to foreigners.

this is a good little site for greek vocab.

or search for language addicts.

I'd recommend Omilo - - which runs a variety of courses in Greece.  We attended their 10-day course last Easter in Nafplio and it was very helpful.


The next time you take text and information word-for-word from my Web site, it's only proper that you give a link or source as credit since you didn't write the article or translate the information from Greek to English. I did. … e-lessons/

My copyright is stated clearly on the front page, and I will request that the administrator remove future posts.

You have a legal copyright for information about my country?
If the Expat Admin wishes to delete the post den mou kaigete,but all the infomation and details is available on many Greek sites and in English as well, were not that prehistoric.

Actually, it's not available on many sites. It was only available in Greek from IDEKE, and I took the trouble to translate it to make it available in English; and I did the proper thing and said where I took the Greek information.

The copyright exists on what I write. Since you wrote and translated nothing without saying where you got it, that's infringement.

Greece is not your country. It is a country that belongs to anyone of any nationality claiming it as their own.

if you choose to add a Clopyright to what you take from other sites, then yes you are in the right country, other than that is available publicly to everyone through any language sites cannot be copyrighted just because u decided to make it yours.The info by the way is available through many sites,a savvy internet user would know that.

@ califoniakat

what are you whining about? you just got a free ad! i mean, so what if she quoted a paragraph, if 5 people reads this and enrolled in your free lessons? more for you right?

now, i am really interested in learning greek language and alphabets, the whole nine yards. but after i read these nonsense rants, i just figured i'll find other services that are kind and respectful to it's clients.

now, i found these packages:
[moderated: no free ads in your very first message]

and, let me ask, are these packages safe from scam? or are these product really gonna help me achieve my goals as to learning other languages? thanks!

@kaplingmechanic it's not "her" lessons, she copied the contents from a Greek site and posted it on her blog or something and she claims its copyrighted now, well if that was the case it would be copyrighted from the Greek site too, hope she got their permission:)

kaplingmechanic, as for the links that all of us have given its worth checking them out,the packages u posted arent for Greek language as u can see.I dont know them!:)

Γεια σας, τι κάνετε; (yasas, ti kanete ? - hello how are you ? :)

I am learning greek in Switzerland in private lessons with a teacher and I like it very much. I am able to read and write now . If the language is a passion for you you will be able to improve the language :-)) I plan to work in Greece next year. There is another school too, the Athens center, they offer different courses. I will probably follow an intensive 3 weeks program before starting to work.

Have a nice day !

Some more free courses in Athens:

Some sites also offer free online courses

I am a prefessional teacher in primary school and I can teach greek for free beacause I like helping tourists and immigrants! I have a very good book you can photocopy. You only have to buy me a coffee once a week!

Hello to all of you, welcome to new members!
It would be a great idea for each of you to post an ad in the Classifieds Greece -> Language classes. It might help new comers looking for Greek language classes :)

Just thought this topic should be on top as to avoid repeated threads & posts :) so here I am posting :P

done ;)

Julien merci :P But by posting yesterday I brought it up :P

this way it's will remain on top of the discussions ;)

a bon! merci encore d'abord :P


I just started living in Greece and I need to learn Greek to continue living. I have read the posts but I didnt understand anything specific. can you pls suggest me a free course that would be on the weekends?

Thank you

Hi Osmancan,

I think everything is specific? The post has tons of schools/ organizations that teach Greek, with tel #'s, addresses etc. More specific would mean I call them all up and ask when, what and how lol, so..if you call them since all the contact info has been researched and supplied to you, you can get the details you need, the FREE one is the last one posted,
(Volunteer Teachers centre - Greek (free)Languages courses
Courses are during the afternoon(6-8pm)
Aristonos 6, Kolonos, Athens(near centre))

I think getting the lessons for free is a good thing already,:P they're already volunteering for free,us trying to choose which days we prefer is a little asking too much :P :)

I still coulndt find a course that fits me.. the ones that are in piraeus are actually free but they are on mid days of work days. It would really help if someone can recomend me a course or a private tutor that can work on weekends or late hours during weekdays.. It doesnt have to be free, but it should be in or close to piraeus.

Thank you

Everything I have given on this post is found by Googling, upon Googling again:

Free in Piraeus:
Every Wed 6pm to 8pm

address is : Δημοτικό Σχολείο Πειραιά ( Αγχιάλου 175 & Δογάνης )Directions say u either take the 843 bus or 17 Trolley.

Open School For Immigrants in Piraeus:
e-mail:asmpir[at] Mob:6974495863
Courses are on Saturdays and Sundays

(moderated: no ads please)

To get to Athens from Piraeus takes 15 min by train if u find anything there.



I am an American in Athens who just moved here in July, and I was looking for feedback from anyone who's enrolled in the year-long Greek language program from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  This is their website:

I want to enroll in this program because of its duration and the price isn't too bad for a 15 hour/week, year long program.

Actually, I would welcome feedback from anyone who's enrolled in any Greek language program anywhere Athens.  I am still language school shopping. :)

Many thanks!


I want to learn greek for b1

Hello vandana1 and welcome to! :)

This thread is dated 2011. You should start a new one on the Greece forum or post an advert in the Classes section in the Greece classifieds. :)

Thank you,

Vandana, you can check all the places I mentioned, they mostly still provide the services :)

Hello,  i am just wondering are you still helping foreigners learn Greek for free or have you stopped now?

Many thanks

Hi carl,

Welcome, you mimght post an advert in the Classifieds in Greece, Courses/Language courses if you are looking for Greek language courses.

Thank you :)


Hello, is there any Greek language courses in Kalamata, Greece?
Would love to go there to study language.

Hello Santora and welcome to!

Did you read all the posts above, especially the post of KOUKLA75? There are a lot of useful informations. :)

You can also post an advert in the Classes section (Language classes) in the Greece classifieds.

Thank you,

Hi Santora,

My name is Anna.  I've been in Kalamata for a year and a half now.  I took Greek lessons from this frontistirio (details below).  The Greek teacher is absolutely wonderful and has become one of my good friends here.

ELC Kalamata
Akrita & Asinis 41, Kalamata, Greece,
Tel.: 27210 2 51 51

If you want to personally call the Greek teacher, here is her number.  Tell her that I, Anna, gave you her details, and she will answer any questions you may have.  She is the nicest person I've met in this town, and I highly recommend her classes.

Alexandra - 69455 39023

I hope this helps!  If you want more information, or want to meet up, send me a private message so we can arrange something.  :)


The school has a new address nearby now:
ELC Kalamata
Faron 209
Kalamata Greece
Tel. 2721025151

and yes,  Alexandra is a great Greek teacher and a wondetful person!

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