Amateur football in Almaty?

Hi Everybody,

I'll be moving to Almaty around 20 August for a few years.

Can anyone tell me if there is an expat amateur football league in Almaty?

I am currently in Shanghai and the founder/coach of an all Chinese team here (Except me, I am British). I've been involved in football for a long time and want to start a new team in Almaty if there is sufficient interest from those of you who missed out on playing in Euro 2012 ;)

If any of you or one of your partners need to lose a few kilos and they or you enjoy football then feel free to let me know. If there is no league but enough interest then join me in creating an Almaty International Amateur Football League, maybe you're the next Messi and you don't even realise it :P.

If you want to play, have some fun, meet some friends, keep out of trouble at the weekend then.... feel free to make contact.

Regards as always,


Hello BlueCoach.

Welcome to!

You can try to post an advert in the Activities section in the Almaty classifieds. It can help. :)

Thank you,


I would love to be part of it any given day. Please let me know how can i join it.

By the way, I am just a novice, at football and love to play and watch it.

So, bluecoach, count me in.


I am an English teacher who has just moved here and am looking to play for fun really, not much of a player but I do enjoy it.

Is there a set time and day you play? Would love to know more




Same question than Ruairi, I arrived in Almaty one month ago and I really want to play football 2 or 3 times a week, do you know if there is some amateur club ?

Thank you so much,

Hi I am living here for 1 year now playing every Friday night 8:30 pm with very friendly people if you would like to play feel free to contact me
Kind regards

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