Singaporean in Herne Bay....

I'm a Singaporean (mother of three) living in Herne Bay that misses home, and would love to meet up with any fellow Singaporeans in the Canterbury area.or add me on facebook pls if im not on here cheers! xx

Welcome to Himmeldah!;)


Hi , I'm Andy from SG Chinese .
I'LL be flying over to Auckland on coming May n maybes will going over to Christchurch mid May.
Free to meeting up.
Cheers, Andy

Isn't Herne Bay in Auckland?

Can you guys share where can i look for jobs? I'm a Singaporean too

Hello everyone,

@ Khaibumblebee, you are a bit off-topic here. I suggest you read the articles in the Work in New Zealand section of the Expat Guide and drop an advert in the Jobs in Canterbury section of the website.

All the very best,

Thanks for sharing.

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