Moving to Iceland

Hi to all.

I am hoping for some feedback and information about moving to Iceland from UK.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Have you browsed the forum here? There's already quite a lot of information about job hunting, finding a place to live, and the experience of living in the country.

I have had a quick browse last night but intend to go through it properly today.
Thanks for reply

Welcome to nattynoo !

I don't know if moving from the U.K. is anything like moving from the U.S., but I would advise leaving plenty of time - the paperwork from UTL takes a good while. It's never too soon to get started. Good luck! :)

Thanks for your replies and welcomes.

It seems pretty daunting even considering a big move like this, especially for my large family.

From what i can tell moving from the UK we don't need visas just passports.

The main problem is going to be finding a property that is large and cheap enough to house 8 of us.

We are not fussy were we go as we don't mind being out in the sticks.

I have 6 children 5 school aged and 1 who is turning 18 and i am trying to research schools as well as everything else.

Any feedback is much appreciated

if you're not fussy about being out in the middle of (relatively) nowhere you might consider some of the smaller towns, like Borgarnes, Egilssta­ir, ═safj÷r­ur, Bl÷nduˇs, Akranes. It'll be harder to find work in these places though, and I have no idea about schools there.

You are correct that you don't need to do the massive paperwork stack when coming from the UK, as a fellow EEA member. The rules for you are here: … 48&lang=en

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