Kitesurf or windsurf in Saudi?

Hi! I´m new in this forum, and I´m not sure if it´s possible to carry out Kitesurf or Windsurf in any place of Saudi...

I don´t have equipment and I would like to start...

First,Welcome to the forum,we are really glad to have you here.
About the windsurfing ,Im sure there are plenty of places where you can practice such an activity .I cant help you personally but I Hope other members will provide you with the information you need..

Good Luck :-)

@ Nacho Granada!
Welcome to EB & KSA!
Unfortunately I also have no idea about your question. I am sure someone else will help you out..

welcome to the blog and surfing wow i haven't try to have one of these kind in years , I miss Gold cost T,T
look you can have this kind of equipment im sure in ABHUR in Jiddah , but im not sure if our weather have that kind of waves ?
any ways best of luck bro . . .

you can. I saw many people doing it when we go out for scuba charters in the waterway that opens to the red sea. Where to get the equipment i am not sure.  But they were using jetski and boat wakes as waves.

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im currently emailing with you Talal :)

let me know when you get the board price please :)

Kitesurfing is one of the interesting games, Many of the them are more enjoyed and take training from professionals also. In Saudi, Most of the persons are spend more time on kitesurfing in week end times. Please produce some more attachments about the topic for view detail information.

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the guy in jeddah that posted is a rip off.

to get equipment talk to this place
they ship to saudi for SOOOOO cheap (relatively compared to everyone else) and its 3-4 days to get here

they have everything you need, and they have a skype username as well so you dont have to pay to contact.

Tom is who i dealt with to get my kite and landboard.  just take it slow, do your research and have fun

welcome Nacho Granada, before you do those surfing are you ready to face the type of weather here in ksa i mean the heat temperature? Mostly i see people doing that near beaches or side sea cause the wind is stronger on that area.


Hello kitesurfing community in Jeddah! I have plans to move there  in aprox one month, I have inquire about kitesurfing over there, but all the feedback would be appreciated, two specific questions to the community:
What is THE size kite mostly use over there according to the predominant winds? , I am planning to bring my equip, (almost sold all of it except one kite 10 m ) so the question is, how easy is to get new equip over there? Any stores, dealership or so? Or buying on internet, the stuff arrives without any problem thru customs? This would help me a lot since I could leave my ok equip over here and get new over there.

Offshore winds at the beach?
Any dangers I should be aware? Stingrays, medusas, sharks ? Or PIRATES!
Any restrictions ( no kite n beach, reef limits etc? )

Well thank you guys if anyone answer and hope To meet you soon


Hello You all! Now i am finally here in Jeddah! Planing to kite surf as soon as I can, maybe this coming weekend I check the beaches here and let you know, anybody interested on joining please let me know,

Hey Jo, curious to know what you found as Im thinking of bringing my kite gear over from the UK when I visit next week - that or continue to go to Sri Lanka ... ;)


I'd like to learn to Windsurf. Does anyone have an update on the above post?

i know a trainer , but i don't know how much he charge for the lessons , if you want i can give you his number


I would need the number please. Thanks in advance  :top:

Yes please.

samibukhari :

i know a trainer , but i don't know how much he charge for the lessons , if you want i can give you his number


That would be fantastic.
I've been sitting, and feeling a bit sulky, watching the windsurfers and kite surfers at Silver Sands. So gotta get out there and give it a go.
Thanks. 😃

If you are going to Sri Lanka best place for surfing is Arugam Bay.....You will enjoy  :)

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Great! Thanks for this info.

welcome to all in jeddah

welcome we have group kitesurfing jeddah if any one interested to join .
you are welcome .

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