Where to play football in Bangkok?

Hi guys!

If you look for a place to play football regularly come and join us!
We are an amateur team based in Bangkok, called Titans FC. We train on Wednesdays (mostly 7 a-side) and play games on weekends (11 a-side). We played in the Target Super League.
Our team is composed of expats and Thai and we would be more than happy to welcome new players!
Just have a look on our Facebook page and if you are interested in joining just send me a message on Facebook.

Hey guyz,

I have just come from India 2 weeks back... Want to play football... Plzz let me know too where I can join u'll...


Hey sunny,

I stay near silom.. sathorn square.. could u tell me where I can meet.. ppl and play football... Will really appreciate it..


Hey only football ? Anybody play badminton? Anyway, have a great time. Badminton lovers pleasssssss!!  :mad:

Alright fellas!

I'm Tony from the UK and I've recently moved back to Thailand. I miss football so much. Is football (mainly casual kickabouts or 5-7 a sides) still going on? If so please let me know when and where and i'll be there! Feel free to give me a shout!



I live near sathorn/silom. Miss football a lot. are there any expats willing to play some on weekends?

Viraj06 :

Hey sunny,

I stay near silom.. sathorn square.. could u tell me where I can meet.. ppl and play football... Will really appreciate it..


Begining this page to start a small team who would wanna play on Sundays (expats/thais), living in Bangkok. Taking it step by step and re-living those football days which we left behind due to work/business.

I miss playing one (we all do).

1) To find minimum 10 players (including self).
2) Playing casual football (obviously)
3) Increasing the team size and moving on from a 5-a-side to 7 a-side to 11 a-side
4) Increasing popularity through social media (
:one  :cool:
Drop in a message


My friend and I are in BKK for just a few days and looking to play some casual pick-up games. Any prospects for the next few days?


Hi there, my name is Simon. I live on Sathorn Rd, near the OZ embassy. I also have a mate who likes to play goalie. Is there any weekend game on in the area? Any spots available?
Thanks,  Simon

I'm in as well, however I have no clue where to play and with whom. Let me know

Living close to King Mongkut University North Bangkok, anyone have suggestions of places to play?

I moved from Germany to Bangkok and would love to play football somewhere.

I live BTS station Onnut.

Can somebody help me?

hey guys, can i join u guys to play? let me know location and time. i stay in rama 9 area. thanks!

hi, i have 2 friends here would like to join to play too. please let me know asap! willing to travel anywhree in bangkok just to kick ball!

I'm from the UK. If anyone knows of anything regular in the sathorn area let me know. I've played a bit out in Ekkamai  but it's pretty far to go after work.

Hi, everyone! Is there any football games or teams. I'm here for about 1 yr.

I'm Spanish but not too talented. But love the sport. If anyone is playing or knows where to go. Please let me know!

I just got to BKK a few weeks a go from Chile will love to play football weekly. Plase advice if any suggestions. I live in Sukhunvit soi 8, BTS Nana.

Hay algunos campos de hierba artificial que podemos jugar.

They are several artificial football places that I know. But we need atleast 14 players. Furthermore, for an hour it's between 1000 to 1300 baht. I think is a reasonable price! We just share it between us. Is about 150 to 180 max for two hours. Mostlikely I can get about 7 players to join us. All we need is another 7.

If anyone is interested just contact me on 095 430 57 54.


Hello. Do any of you live and/or play in or near Bangsue? That is where I live and work. I  play futsal with other Thai guys every other day but I miss the soft pitch. :) Thanks! :)

Hi All,

I read all the comments in this tpic and I am very interested to play soccer. I am just two week here in Bangkok and miss football already. I played in a very high league and hopefully some of you guys can help me out.
I prefer to play in a competitive league, but friendly matches are not a problem at all.

Thanks in advance!!


Hello Robert and welcome on board

I invite you to drop an advert in the Sport partners in Bangkok and also check out adverts of football teams and players there.


Hello everyone.

We have about 14 people that play every Thursday at BB footsal in Krungtonburi every Thursday night.

I would like to start another session on Sunday afternoon.

Would need at least 14 players every week for 7 a-side. It's a big pitch so could do more but14 would be the minimum.

The place is next to krungtonburi bts, easy to get to and good facilities.

If you think you could commit to this please let me know and I will arrange everything. You just need to show up. Only thing I ask is that you really commit. no time wasters please.

Contact me

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Dear John

I would like to play. To confirm this is a indoor/astro pitch? Boots and shin pads required?

Can also be a emergency player if required on either thurs/Sunday.

Please message me with further info or advise on board.



Hi, we play close to you.

I'm arranging another session on Sundays. Send me your contact details of you want to play. It's a soft pitch.

We play football every week on wednesday and sunday in Phrakanong, if anyone interested, contact me.

Based center of Bangkok, looking to play casual in the area.Played competitive for years. Please let me know if available pitches or teams.
Thank you.

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joncouturier :

We play football every week on wednesday and sunday in Phrakanong, if anyone interested, contact me.

Hi you still play football in Phrakhanong? I am near the place and i would love to play with you guys. Thanks.

If you're interested in regular games, you may also want to check out Chelsea FC Soccer School Bangkok's adult league. Do a Google search for those exact terms, and the first match on the Chelsea Foundation site gives more details.

They have weekly matches at NIST International School near Asok, though I'm not sure if it's in session right now or not.

Hi everybody,

anybody know where to play football in Bangkok ? friendly games ?

I live in Wuttakhat but i can take the bts to join.

Thanks !

Depends what you call football
If you mean Australian Football then contact Brendan on ***

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Sorry but i meant soccer ^^.


would love to join you guys . im living near Phra Khanong

Hi everybody,

i miss so much playing football/soccer.
I would love to know, where can I participate in friendly games.
Perhaps, i can bring sometimes other fellas with me to increase the amount of the group, if it's necessary.
I'm living at Nana station. So it's easy to go anywhere.
So the question is: Where to play?


Hello everyone, my name is Marcos, I'm Brazilian and I'm going to Bankok in September, I would like to look some people's to play football, if someone can help me I will be very happy. xxx

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If you in On nut neighbours, please pm. Let's play!  :cool:

Hi guys,

You guys still play Futsal in Bangkok? I would like to join too.


I'm interested to join to play as well. Anyone playing anywhere this weekend?

Let's make a group of expat for football game,

How's that sound?

My name is Destiny I play American football at lion's bergamo division 1  IFL  position  LB roning back good  looking forward to play in Thailand

Hi all,
Is there a regular group of football (soccer) players in Bangkok? This thread was started 6 years ago so just bumping it here.
Interested in 5-a-side (or any number), grass or astroturf games.

I'd be happy to organize something if people are interested.

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