Boa Tarde all,

I am new  to this blogging thing, i'm very computer literate but never done this before.

i was seeking some information from those who live in Mozambique, especially Pemba.

My husband has just relocated up to Mozambique and will be settling in Pemba. a few questions i have:
My son and i will eventually want to follow should this be something that works for him.
i have a 2 year old toddler.

1) what is life like in Pemba (and please be honest, i'm not one for too much fancy fancy - I spent most my childhoon on a farm)

2) is there schooling for Toddlers  and older?

3) Shopping - food wise, are there vegetables? what is the
    food retail like?

4) How bad is malaria - although we are WELL EQUIPPED for that.

5) The locals - friendly? I've been to Moz twice and loved it,the locals were especially great to us!

I really would just like an idea of life in Pemba. I go onto websites, and travel blogs, but you see all the PRETTY stuff not the nitty gritty.

can someone please assist me! Also Bex from Mox your blog interested me - would love to hear your life in MOz with your three little ones.



Hello Carlianne.

Welcome to!

I wish you will soon get some responses from other members. :)



Just seen your post.i will be living in Pemba for the next 8 months and am in mozambique for almost two years now. Would be glad to meet with you and exchange experiences

Did you ever get answers to this or find out on your own?  My wife and I are relocating to Pemba from Houston, TX in April.  We are looking for information on housing, requirements to drive, and information on medical care in Pemba.  Anyone have any decent advice?

sbt2003 i have been living in Pemba for the past 2 months and already have a reasonable knowledge of the place.
Housing is rare and expensive. Be prepared for the 2.000USD+/month price tag on the majority of the reasonable houses still available.

Food is nice as there are 5 or 6 good restaurants where you can have a decent meal for 14USD. As the town is booming with expats, there are new mini-markets onpening almost weekly, and once you get your way around, you'll know where to buy what for the best prices, as the same product can be twice the price 2 streets down the road. You have almost all the basics you need to live here, but quality is a reference here so all the good stuff we are used to don't exist here. That's what you pay for living at the beach.

It is pretty safe compared to other places in Moz and africa, but you have to be cautious at all times or risk yourself getting robbed or coming to your house to find it empty.

Driving is relatively peaceful, people here drive at 25mph at all times, remember that here the cars have the steering wheel on the right side and you will have 6 months to get a drivers licence from Moz, as this is a new law coming out.

Other than that, this place is extremely wet and hot AT ALL TIMES, you cannot live without air conditioned, a generator in your house is recommended as the network energy fails a lot.

People are friendly but be aware that there is a lot of opportunism, corruption, and everyone tends to take advantage of new comers, so be advised to be polite, but firm and never show money or intention bribe, as local police will try to scam you. You can always say that you want to go to the police office to deal with the problem, as they will go away if you have the reason on your side.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, as i would have liked to have someone to do the same for me.

Hi there

I suppose by now you have arrived in Pemba, Moz?  If not, give me a shout and I will put you in contact with my daughter who lives there.



i am on my way to Pemba....can you tell more about local living please?
What we can buy or not....what is more expensive there, etc.

thanks a lot in advance :)

Pemba has nothing. You have to be prepared to live in a place where nice and good things are rare, everything comes whether from Maputo or from Joburg, plus a big margin for the one who sells it here, so so you should consider bringing all your comfort items (furniture, tv, appliances, bed sheets and pillows, etc from Joburg or Portugal. The same goes for the car as there are no cars available here for sale and the few ones that exist are a lot more expensive than from Joburg or even Maputo.

You have to be here to find a house. There are a few contacts that gather information of people who are renting their houses but you have to be here to see the place and secure it for you, because it is very volatile. Once you arrive in Pemba, feel free to contact me and i'll help you with whatever i can.



Hi All

We have been in Pemba now for 3 weeks , and are staying at the Nautilus Resort , which is a little piece of paradise on the beach.

The other expats in Pemba are very friendly and helpful , living here is different and takes a bit of getting used too.

We are here to stay !

Hello , I am new here.


Are you still in Pemba?

I will be arriving in 2 months and stay for at least 24 months.


Bom dia

Como esta!?

I have read through all messages. I have been slack and not on for absolute ages sjoe!!!

We never went to pemba. My husband was kept in Maputo as regional and travels up North to sites. It is a good thing as I found out I was expecting our second before leaving to come.

We are here six months almost and very settled. Made good friends my son in great school. I'm used to the crazy drivers the low speed limit and so much more!!

I work from home and also assist a local orphanage which is great. We have been up north to xai xai Bilene just returned from time on macaneta so all is good here! 

To those in Pemba I've not yet been but hear it is beautiful but "bare". Nothing there. I llook forward to a holiday up there in the New Year before birth of our baby.

Well take care and let me know how you doing up there especially the couple from Texas.

Tenha um bom dia

Hey everyone ! How are you doing ?

We are a group of 6 students from Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, and as a final year project we work on a feasibility study in Pemba region. It is a non commercial project. We wanted to know if some of you could tell us more about Pemba nowadays. If yes, we would like to ask you a few questions in that regard. We won't disclose your name / nickname to anyone.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. With our best regards !  :top:


Feel free to contact.



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Thank you so much  ! We will contact you soon.

With our warm regards

Hey Everyone,
I just arrived in Pemba and I will be staying here for six months, for the last phase of an agricultural project in northern Mozambique.
I haven't had the time to get to know people (except my few colleagues) and places yet.
Any recommendations?
I am used to do much sport as well. Are there any places to do sport, dance, fitness etc. in town?
Thanks a lot! Best regards


Hi Fulvia

Use to stay there, and a guy called Chale helped me out quite a bit..

If you need contacts, let me know, please.

All the best

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Carlaine, what about maleria??? very concerned on this issue. How do you prevent yourself from this desease? thanks

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