Want to join a caravan from South Texas to Belize

I & my husband would like to know if there is any ex-pats that will be traveling from South Texas to Belize that we could follow or join in a caravan with them. We are traveling with a dog and will be driving through Mexico. We would just like to network to meet new friends who have knowledge of how to get across the borders and cross into Belize. We are looking to travel in the March to May timeframe. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Cathy & Rudy

Cathy and Rudy,

I would not recommend doing that. In my experience, you will be stopped every 100-150 miles by some cop who wants 1000 pesos from you or he will impound your car. In the long run, it will be cheaper to ship your car from Houston and pick it up in Belize. Shipping your car, "Roll On Roll Off" (RORO) will cost about 700 to 800 bucks. Driving your car will cost more than twice that (factoring in fines)

Good luck!
Robby Robinson

hey robby,
what about the risk of bandidos and drug cartels?
many of which are the local "police"!!!!!!!!!!

That's true, Charlie. I experienced the same in Cambodia about 10 years ago. I flew to Phnom Penh in order to restart my tourist visa in Thailand. Every expat I ran into told me that they had been robbed by people in police uniforms and a mask over their faces. I seems that the cops did not even bother to change clothes after their shift; they just donned a mask and went out robbing people.

Please do not misunderstand this post; Belize is a wonderful country and a GREAT place to be and live, but they have some of the worst roads north of the equator. In fact, the road conditions in Afghanistan are better that the roads in Belize (discounting IEDs, of course). The major highways, the Northern Highway, Western Highway and the Hummingbird Highway are OK but very treacherous. The Coastal Highway is a disaster as are most of the roads feeding the main highways, IE, the Chiquibul Rd. out of Georgeville. These are roads that will destroy any standard US sedan. Therefore, I am listing some of my observations:

1. Any vehicle that you drive in Belize should have a ground clearance of more that 18 inches. Otherwise, you will be constantly slamming your bumper into the ground.

2. Any vehicle you drive in Belize should have a lot of suspension travel. I recommend a pickup truck, SUV or "Soccer Mom" van. The reason for this will become apparent when you encounter the speed bumps, AKA: "Sleeping Policemen".

3. Do not bring low profile tires. Those are tires with a very short sidewall. I have recently observed a trend to put larger rims and low profile tires on pickups. Believe me, you will want big, balloon type tires on your vehicle here. Think, if you will, of the big, gnarly tires you see on serious off-road vehicles. You don't have to go quite that far, but the frame of mind is what you need.

OK, now here is the reason for all of this; even on the good roads, someone thought it would be a good idea to put Sleeping Policemen all over the place. On the Northern Highway, the one that feeds down from Mexico, you will find them all over the place and they will be installed in the middle of nowhere and for no apparent reason! And just to add a little fun, they won't even put up a warning sign as you are driving! (The Western Highways and Hummingbird Highway are a little better about it.)

Let me describe these bumps. There are two kinds:

1. The first is the standard speed bump that you will find in the USA, but about 25 percent taller (Remember the 18 inch clearance?). If you hit one of these at highway speed, which is 55 MPH or 95 KPH and you have low profile tires, you will destroy your tires and rims and you may even destroy your front end.

2. The second type is technically called a Speed Hump. It usually functions as a pedestrian crossing, but again, it might be in the middle of nowhere and for no apparent reason. Hitting one of these at highway speeds will launch you several feet into the air in a maneuver that will rival any Hollywood car chase or standard Dukes Of Hazard episode.

Please take this post seriously. Many people lose control of their vehicles because of these roads and many die on the highways. Don't drive a long distance at night, it makes seeing the speed bumps impossible. Other than these warnings, enjoy Belize and all of the wonderful sights and experiences that it has to offer!

This was issued this week by the US State Dept: … ories.html

I would never consider driving through Mexico right now, in a caravan or not.  I think after you factor in the 65% vehicle custom duty, neither shipping or driving will be cheap. I personally think it is most economical to buy a used vehicle in Belize that is about 5-10 years old, so the duty tax has had time to "absorb" into the price. That's what I did.

Good luck with whatever you decide Cathy & Rudy!

Wow Cathy and Rudy.. we'll be in Austin this winter and your idea sounded good, but after reading the replies I think I will definitely pass. We'd be going to San Pedro as well, which would involve leaving our Landrover in Belize City... probably not a good idea either.

Gary and I (Sandy) do not have any experience yet but plan on doing this probably in September 2012.  Actually we live in North Texas currently.  We have two dogs also.  What is your destination in Belize, just curious?  Do you have a place in Belize already?  We would love to continue talking/writing with you.

Sandy Burnett

Bluehowz, contact Dennis Wright - he has secure overnight parking available in Belize City. Used him before, very reliable, $10 usd a day.

I take it that it wouldn't be the brightest idea to ride my Harley down from Pennsylvania then, also, how do I bring my Jack Russel, and what paper work for said dog ?

This link should give you the info on shipping your pet:

Robby1949 :

This link should give you the info on shipping your pet:

There are a couple of inaccuracies on this site, however.  For instance, the following is NOT true:

"Shortly before travel, your pet will also need a Ticks and Tapeworm test to enter Belize. "

Here's a good blog detailing moving pets to Belize:  Taking Belize Moving Pets to Belize

Since you have a small dog, you can probably fly with him in the cabin, as we did our Boston Terrier when flying down last August.  This cost us $100 flying US Airways.  You can find your airline's pet policies somewhere on their website.  Each airline also has travel case restrictions.  To travel in-cabin, the case must fit under the seat in front of you.  We used the Sturdibag size Large, and it worked perfectly!

One more tip is to have copies of all your dog's paperwork when you meet with the BAHA official in the airport.  That would be:

* BAHA acceptance certificate
* Rabies Certificate
* International Vet certificate

When we arrived, despite telling BAHA exactly which day and flight we'd be arriving on, they seemed not to have our paperwork.  If I hadn't had copies, I am sure they would have charged me more than the standard $75 BZ fee.  As it was, we got away with just the standard fee.  Easy peasy.

Thank you for this info' my dog "Snooki " isn't to found of flying but she does love to ride my bike....hmmm, I might look into buying a bike there,... maybe, will have to see

Hi, I am traveling to Belize from CA. We are going through Texas, We figure to cross into Mexico at Brownsville. We will be leaving in early December 2013, so if your trip was moved or if anyone else is traveling around this time please advise.

Most of the posts here were quite old. Plus that info might have been true when they were written but not factual now at all.

I drove here from Ca., entered at Nogales Mexico, 2400 miles to Corozal. I drove by myself with my little dog pulling a small trailer.

If you need some up to date factual info, just e-mail me at Hawksrealm94063[at]

How was your trip to Belize ? I read that the Mexican town cops are looking for handouts but the Federallys dressed in black were exellent to get along with. A lady who with her husband used to transport things to Belize by truck and trailer .. Like furniture and household goods .I'm considering taking my camper van with motorcycle on a trailer down for the winter .

The tolls are very expensive, you do save a lot of money by entering through Texas. Avoid going into any big cities, that's where the cops are waiting for you.

I never had a problem with them on the toll roads, they seemed to always be in a big hurry to get somewhere.

Well we didn't make it to Belize we had a 200 yr old oak tree fall on our suv and so we have to reschedule it maybe in the fall. But we have been looking at some property in Mexico and found a few that are great prices on the beach so maybe .... lol
Will keep you updated.
Cathy & Rudy

plz do keep us updated   interested in meeting you
  Kris & Marc

I am sure looking forward to meeting your lil wonder dog.   Hawk you write and I quote - "with my little dog pulling a small trailer."

That dog may be Little but it sure is strong.  To pull a trailer, however small, for 2400 miles- That is impressive.

This was a John joke-ette.  That is a real small, tiny and sub atomic joke.

Yeah it was a long ways for her to pull that trailer, but the federalies never pulled her over for speeding.

Helped a lot with the gas mileage.

Thanks for replying. We plan on leaving CA on December 6, 2013. We will cross at Brownsville, Texas. We will be traveling thru Mexico on the Mexican gulf side. One day to Veracruz then one day to Belize.

HI Kathy
You might want to check out the Yucatan Living website. There are very good step-by-step articles on driving routes. (ie which turn-offs to take and what to avoid)
Brownsville to Veracruz is a very slow route and notorious for problems and hundreds of unmarked Topes.
Laredo to Matehaula and then to Cordova might be better. It looks longer on the map, but the roads are good. You are mostly on toll roads and by-passes.
Before you decide read the articles - start here : … ucatan.htm
There is also a good article on traveling with pets, though the info would apply to anyone.
Also check with the Mexican ex-pat blogs - they can give you up-to-date info on road conditions etc.

We have driven to Belize and back to the US safely and absolutely no problems (in Nov 2012 and May 2013)..if you'd like our route, send me a PM
Happy travels!

Thanks for the advice I will definitely check it out. Do you happen to know of any travel trailers, motorhomes or mobile gomes for sale in Belize or nearby Mexico? I need a place to live while the house is being built.

I would definitely like to check out your route. I appreciate your information. Thanks

I sent you a PM

YES I want to go November 15th 2013 With a caravan.

Hi, I'm Kathy, we are traveling to Belize from California on or about December 8, 2013. We have a RV and a truck hauling a horse trailer. I also have two dogs and two other people. We are heading to Brownsville Texas to cross into Mexico then will take the Gulf route through Mexico. Anyone wanting to caravan is welcome.

Kathybelize Hi My name is Mike, I live in Palm Springs California. I would like to travel with your Caravan December 8th. I'm interested in a rider or two to help with gas money. I have a GMC conversion van. It has two or three seats and a bed. I'm also taking my 150 Honda Motorbike and a inflatable kayak. Please Email me and give me your Phone # if this is ok, or tell me how I can talk to you. If someone is interest in being a passenger please turn them on to me.

Hi Mike, love you to travel with us. Email me we will swap info.
Talk to you soon.

KathyBelize and Mike

Check your private messages
I think we already have the beginnings of a convoy traversing Mexico in early Dec ....two trucks ,two unrelated travellers each with a dog for a sidekick  !
Driving an RV and a truck hauling a horse trailer might be too slow for us but may be worth discussing
Safety in numbers ....maybe ?

Hi, We plan to drive down at the end of May 2014. Will be making our way from Las Vegas and then head on down threw the tip/bottom of Texas. You can contact me "Jess" email sceniccolors[at]  or by phone 702-845-2820.

I'd like to join a caravan going from Belize back to Texas. Please contact me via email @ ********************m.  My MagicJack number is ************* (via Florida)

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Robby, ad funny as you make it sound. It appears as though we have had the same experience. The one thing about the speed limit, I was told there is none unless posted. (Hold on!) Sleeping Policemen....that's a good name for those traffic cops. :lol: . So, everyone do take Robby's post seriously. Even though he has me over here falling out of my chair in laughter, with his graphic description. It won't be so funny should it happen or when it happens. Look for the sign, if you see it before impact. Then, just slow down. Balloon tires..... :lol:

Starting a Road Repair Business in Belize might be lucrative. Iol

Wow. Thanks

Hey. I need a caravan   Keep me in line also

These are very old posts.  Anyone going in March 2018?  I'm in.

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