Medical Examination in India for Z Visa is a Challenge

I will like to put my experience in front of you.
I got an offer letter and with that, i was asked to get all the formalities done. All the documents were done on time with one major hiccup - Medical Certification.

1. I got myself checked from a registered govt doctor in #1 private medical hospital. - That did not worked.

2. I got myself checked from Gurgaon (where my office is) Government hospital after taking 3-4 days of tests etc. - When it came to the format attestation, at beginning all was said ok, later it was like - "we can issue only in our format and not in your format".

3. Then I went to leading central govt hospital like Ram Manhor Lohia Hospital. They said we do not issue this.

4. Lal Bahadur Shastri Govt Hosptial in Delhi mentoned there limit as well.

Trust me, i am in real soup now as my joining is 24th June and i dont know whom and how to approach!

All govt hosptials have long queues and to get yourself registered will take day and tests a week or 2, if any hospital is ready to do the test. Till now, no govt hosptial in delhi / ncr i have found to support china visa.

If any indian is here who is in China, can anyone guide on who in delhi ncr can help me!

i am dead tired and i think it is now looking difficult to move ahead:(

any help will be great.

Hello indians.

In meantime, you can read this guide on Work in China.

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Thanks Aurelie

The article was useful. But , I have got all the documents arranged from China and India.

The only thing pending is medical certification. I dont know which hopsital in India can issue me the certificate in the format embassy requires.

I am really a bit tensed :(

Finally i got my VISA done from the government hospital in ghaziabad (district where i live) in 2nd week of June and guess what...?

I have got my visa on Tuesday!!! Yippee!

So , now i will be flying to Dalian from Delhi on 30th early morning and reaching there in evening !

Looking forward to be there..:)


I have sent you a PM. Please let me know the details about hospital from where you got your medical done.

Also if anyone else is aware of any govt hospital in NCR region. Please share the information. Help appreciated.



I need the medical certificate in the same format for Z-VISA
So,could you please let me know the name of the hospital.

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Don't take medical examination requirement seriously. Please refer to china consulate website in new Delhi. They might have suggested or advised hospitals in and around New Delhi. Get a proper checkup done and report shall be available by 2 days or so. Govt. hospitals are normally over crowded hence suggest you to find some link or people in hospital who could set you up for quick medical examination for around 1000 Indian bucks or so...In this case you would even ending up having only few key tests such as AIDS, and some other choronical diseases are ed concludon generic judgement...Your task is to get medical report get as soon as possible some how..

Later when you arrive to China with u Z visa of 30 days limit this indian medical report would not be accepted or recognized by China Work Permit / Visa bureau. You would need to go through medical check up again in local government hospitals in China. Believe your company / hired agents for employment visas shall guide you for those steps...

Good luck...


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Not sure if local hospitals can provide the necessary medical certificate, but at least in Xiamen, it is the Medical Department of the Exit and Entry Bureau that provides it.  From the Xiamen experience (having now had it done twice), just turn up in the morning, along with 4 passport size photos, cost RMB 533.  Tests are blood, urine, eyesight, weight, blood pressure, chest x-ray, ultrasound and ECG.   health certificate can be collected the following day.

Hello Indians,

Applying overseas really takes time and money. If there is a Chinese embassy near your place, go and ask them which hospital is recognized by Chinese government to do the medical examination for the purpose of applying Z visa in China. Sometimes these are private clinics but connected, affiliate or recognized by Chinese government, not just a certified doctor or government hospital, key word:Should be recognized by Chinese government. You need to specify medical certificate in applying a Z visa in China, cause they really have a special format.
Hope that you will be able to sort things out. Good luck!



Can someone help me with the list of accredited hospitals in Delhi NCR recognized by the Chinese consulate for medical examination to apply for Chinese work visa? I currently stay in Gurgaon and want to know which hospitals do this.


i would like to ask you , from which hospital in gaziabad you had got your  health certificate, please give me addres for revelant hospital

reg vinay panjwani

Your Visa might get delayed as the Chinese never responds back to your mail also they forward the mail to VFS who always send the  standard format mail requesting you to get it done from a govt run hospital. Anyways let me suggest you a shortcut because this way you would find yourself beating around the bush and reaching nowhere. Get in touch with a ward boy from a smaller town govt hospital and tell him what needs to be done. He will get it attested and certified from the concerned person. Pay him some cash and fee free. This is  how i did that. Also there isnt a problem because anyways they would be  asking you to go for a med check again here.

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Please inform if a slight observation of a "hilar prominence" in chest x-ray would cuase a difficulty in getting a chinese visa

Why not Share Here Your Medical Test Format So that Everyone Can Be Benefited in the Long Run . Soon I am Going To Apply for Z visa  , So Kindly Send Me Email of Medical Test format :- jawadkhan220[at]

Hi i am also applying for z visa for china i did my physical examination from saftarjung hospital New Delhi near the all india hospital. Before going to hospital i go to chinese embassy office saket the the embassy office is near to city mall in green park building 3rd floor i take from there a physical examination form then i went to hospital and i told theme i need to make physical examination then they suggest me room no 150 and then i meat a doctor there then he write all the test then i did all the test and shown him all reports then the doctor fill up my form and he approved that form and my photo on form with saptarjung hospital stamp.


I do agree ...i myself am trying to get hold of the same info to get my medicals done ...1st ..dont know which hospitals in india ( delhi, mumbai etc) are approved or designated by the chinese consulate / embassy.

2nd ..whats are the tests that need to be carried out by the attending hospitals / doctors .

If you do have information for the same kindly update

Hello Once Again

Would be grateful if details of approved hospitals / doctors who carry out the medical test ( approved by the Chinese embassy) for the Z type visa in MUMBAI  can be listed.




After knocking many government doctor's doors in my home town, one doctor finally agreed to sign my Physical Examination Form. After showing all my private lab reports to him, he finally signed on it.

I am slightly doubtful about its validity in the China Embassy - Delhi, because the stamp has G.G.H instead of Government General Hospital. I don't know if people in embassy can understand that it's a government hospital stamp. Hence I have included a title letter stating my name and the doctor name.

Will have to wait for one more week and see if that form works out for now (in Chinese Embassy - India).

All is well.. All is well...

Hi bob,
This sunny from Vizag, can u suggest me any hospital in vizag who can sign the form.

Hello Prateek
I need an advice. Iam now in Shanghai on business visa single entry, now they want me to bring back on visa Z for work. For medical check up of VISA Z application, Can I do at local govt medical hospital in China instead of getting it done in India. This will save my time to go and come back to delhi for application. If I finish the medical here I will be able to go directly to delhi from here to apply, but not sure of their acceptance at delhi. If have some info on this please let me know. Cheers Srinivas


I have been moving pillar to post for several days but still did not get any clue how to arrange physical examination report for China Z visa in their standard format.

I found you got it done from a govt hospital of Ghaziabad, Can you please share the name of the government hospital in Ghazibad who helped you in getting physical examination report.

It will be a great help if you can provide name/contact number of the person who helped you.

Also, what about health tests? whether they need test report from any other private hospital, conduct themselves ?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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