American Creativity Academy

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know anything about the American Creativity Academy? Has/does anyone work there? I would like to get as much information as possible.

Thanks for your help!

why yes! you are in luck, our resident teacher SaharEl knows quite a bit about that school. Are you on the girls campus or the boys?

unfortunately you may have to wait a spell for their answers as the school year is currently finito, or abouts. do type up any questions you might have and i will ensure they reach her.

have you been offered a position there?

welcome aboard :)


I have been offered a job there! I will be starting next school year, on the girls campus

I am working on getting all my documents in order so I can join my husband out there... He just landed last weekend.

It's one of the better schools definitely to work for in Kuwait.  I met 2 Canadians who taught there.  One teacher taught at the girls campus and the other the boys.  The school is organised in the sense that they pick-you up at the airport and get you to where you're supposed to be and then they run you through an orientation program to Kuwait.

and the boys campus creates havoc on the fourth ring road when trying to get out of Hawally to get to work early in the morning -.-

back in the days of NES the security guards handled the traffic, they'd let cars drive or stop for the students to cross. no such precaution here.

Hi, I'm interviewing with the school tomorrow and would be interested to hear your thoughts on the school at this point in the year.

I've sent you a PM, Melverson.

I teach at aca currently. Let me know if you have any questions!

Sorry to bump an old post, but I have a related question.

My friend will be teaching at ACA beginning this year. I'd like to mail her a birthday present, but I can't find the mailing address for ACA on their website. Google Maps brings it up, but again, it doesn't display the mailing address. Can I get that from one of the teachers that works there?

Obviously, I could just ask my friend, but I'd like to keep this a surprise if at all possible.

Many thanks for your help!

I am interviewing soon. Can you give me some insight? How is the school for expat chilldren?


It's on of the best private schools here in Kuwait.
A friend of mine worked there for a year, she didn't have any problems.

Good luck.

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