Looking for information regarding Cotacachi, we are planning a visit this coming year.  Any suggestions for hotels, we want to stay two weeks, and also check into long term rentals for when we move there.  Would appreciate any info as to how I can find out if my husbands medications are available there, as he had a liver transplant in 2009.

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My husband and I are also looking to Cotocachi for our next adventure in  retiring.  We have heard it is the best of all in relation to changing weather, cool and warm and rain.  We are great gardeners and love to write and enjoy traveling.  We are hoping to rent the first year and buy as we get to know the country. 

Are there long term rentals furnished that we can still get reasonably?   We are looking for a two bedroom house with a yard for gardening or our pets. 

We are so looking forward to coming. 

Denise and Ed

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I invite you to post an advert in the section Housing in Ecuador, it mat help.;)


Hi--I just returned from Cotacachi.  I stayed at the Mindala
Very well located on Bolivar, and only $17/night including breakfast.

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