immigration lawyer in lisbon or cascais?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an immigration lawyer in lisbon or cascais?  We are moving to Portugal from Singapore in August and we are having trouble finding all the information we need online for our situation.  I am American, and my husband and two children are Btitish citizens.

i have my own lawyer, i can give you her contact. will you be in lisbon ?
here all the lawyers are same.

Hi Ahzan,

Thanks, would be happy to have her contact details.  Do you mean that there are no specific lawyers that deal strictly with immigration?  I think we are going to be in Cascais.

Thanks again!

Hi kari,
you are welcome. yeah all the lawyers do the same for you. Cascais is near to lisbon. ill inbox you her contact ok.



Hi azhan. Can you please send me your solicitor no please. Am planning to move Lisbon. And I need help regarding immigration and about registered my own business. Thanks


I invite you all to recommend those legal services with whom you have been satisfied, so that future members can benefit from their contacts : Legal services in Portugal ( we already have some solicitor registered there)

Kenjee Team

Dears, I came across this page as I'm searching for an immigration lawyer in cascais or Estoril.
Can you recommend one?
Many thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,can someone advices me of a good lawyer(immigration)in portugal please

Hello is here any one know an immigration lawyer in lisbon who is good with SEF i need a good lawyer so please?

Anyone have contacts to a good immigration lawyer in Lisbon or cascais and not super expensive

Hi there,

I am also looking for an immigration lawyer. Would you be able to send me the contact details for yours? Thank you so much in advance!


Hi everybody,

Those who are looking for immigration lawyers, there are two in the business directory : Immigration lawyers in Lisbon.
Feel free to get in touch with them.

All the best,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Please can you also give me detail for the lawyer.


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