Degree Attestation From Saudi Embassy - Requirement of Letter from Emp

About a week or 10 I believe.

They take 7-10 Days. But to avoid any delay, make sure to check from HEC that your degree verification is available online. Otherwise you have to wait for 2 , 3 weeks more

Do i need to send agent for Saudi Culture attestation?
Or I can send some one to go to Karachi office in person and submit

There is no need to send an agent. You can send someone to do the job provided that your company has already sent the letter to Saudi Culture by surface mail from KSA.

So i will take Letter from employer, get it attested from chamber in KSA and send it to my relative in Karachi and he can get degrree attested from there?

Did you contacted Saudi Culture directly? do you have their email?

Salam All,

I am a british citizen but all my studies have been done in pakistan. I have recently been offered a position in Riyadh. I have already sent my documents to karachi to get it attested by Hec (through one of my friend, I have already completed all the onine form etc on hec website). My question is after attesting from Hec do i need to get it attested by anywhere else? Because my visa will be stamped from london embassy of saudi arabia. Do i need to get it attested from somewhere else as well in pak or just ask my friend to send the attested documents back to me in UK.
Can someone please help me?


Dear, I would say get their attestation done from the foreign office and then from Saudi Cultural office and Saudi Embassy also. Since you are stamping your visa from Saudi Embassy in the UK, so they may not be able to attest the Pakistani education documents. So it would be better to get all things done related to attestation from Pakistan (HEC ---> Foreign Office ---> Saudi Cultural Office ---> Saudi Embassy).
Saudi Embassy attestation may not be required but still you may confirm it from the Saudi Embassy in the UK.


Thanks. Trying to contact Saudi embassy but they are not answering calls. I have emailed them. Let's see. I will get it done from fo, sacb and embassy too انشأالله تعالٰى

Degree has been attested by hec but still waiting on offer letter so can't go further until I get an offer letter from company. I wonder how long would these guys take to process an offer letter.

My degree will be going to get attested soon from saudi cultural and foreign office soon INSHAALLAH and i hope i will get my offer letter and other documentation within this week. Aameen. More than 2 weeks passed and hiring manager is still chasing HR. I hope INSHAALLAH i will get everything done at the end in a right manner aameen,

I think they might get me started after ramadan now since it's only 25 days (approx)  left to start ramadan and they will hardly do anything while fasting.
What do you think guys and please pray for me that i will get all the documentation INSHAALLAH within this week. Aameen

Can anyone tell me that if I have to get my mbbs degree attested from HEC but has missing family name would that be an issue with saudi mission in pakistan and is there any document that can be used to fullfill requirement. Family name is absent in degree and present on passport


You should have the same name on all your documents as your passport.

Good Luck.

should be same, in KSA family name matters alot.

Thanks for the info.The US certificates ,NIC and passport have correct names but mbbs degree when issued had absent last name for myself and my father.Is there any way to get that corrected ?

The only way is from your institute.

You will need to get your mbbs degree corrected otherwise they wouldn't accept it.


آلسّلامُ عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
Today I got scanned copy of my contract signed by MOFA and chamber of commerce.
Forwarded that to my contact in Karachi to complete the attestation process by Saudi culture and embassy Karachi but I have been told that I need to get my company to send the following documents directly to Saudi culture attaché and embassy.


1. Original Agreement Letter = duly attested by the MOFA & CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in KSa & sign & stamp by the employer also (copy attention to Saudi culture attaché and embassy)

2. Original Request Letters for the culture & embassy separately, duly attested by the chamber in KSA & sign & stamp by the employer also.(copy attention to Saudi culture attaché and embassy)

I emailed over to my HR now and spoke to the guy who sent the documents to me over the phone and all he said he will check the email and reply back.

I don't know how long this process would take from Karachi it's all up to company ad embassy now. My degrees are from Pakistan.

My agent in uk said to me that it will take only 2 weeks to complete medical and everything else to get the visa stamp on my passport.

Good luck brother.

It was mentiond in the post I guess, to send the documents from your HR to the Saudi culture directly and on safe side you cn send the copies to your contact in Pakistan.

This is the process.

Ask someone to check from HEC if your degree is online or not otherwise after a week time Saudi Culture will return your degrees saying that it is not online from HEC.

If all goes well it will take at least a week from Saudi Culture and a day from Saudi Embassy and the rest is all surface mail time.

When you are saying online what does it mean?

I am just worrying that whether my HR would co-operate with this stupid process or not?

When I have submitted my degrees attested from HEC (Higher Education Commission of Pakistan). Saudi Culture returned them back saying that they are attested but HEC has not updated the record online..(From where Saudi Culture use to check I assume). Then I went back to HEC and ask them to make them online and submitted my degrees again to Saudi Culture and they got attested.

For HR in KSA it is normal they will send Offer Letter, Request to Saudi Culture and Embassy , Your company stamped passport/ID through any surface mail at your cost.

Make sure the address is correct for Saudi Culture where you want them to send the documents.

BTW its not stupid...This is process to make sure they are not hiring a fake degree holder. Otherwise so many guys like us have lost so much money to fake agents and job offers.

My degrees are attested 3 months ago from HEC so I assume it should be updated by now.
With regards to HR they ain't said anything to me even though I have emailed and phone them.

So don't know what do they want

Sorry for typo at last line
I meant to say I don't know what they wanna do

I understand the degree verification process what I didn't get is that why they want company to send the request to them while they would have been provided with signed and attested contract letter by MOFA and chamber of commerce, wakala copy for visa process.

Months doesn't matter. Ask your friend/relative in Pakistan to check it from HEC to save time.

If your HR doesn't know, you have to advise them what to do. This is normal process.

To Void the fraudulent job offers and fake agents to get money from you.

I have done today via email and tried to clarify over the phone but the guy said he will come back to me via email.
Ok I will get it checked by HEC

I want to attest my document with out job later os it possible plz help me

You can't without job

I want to ask a question about travelling I am sorry I didn't find any topics appropriate to this question.

My question is once I am in KSA انشأالله تعالٰى
How easy is to go out of country to spend weekends with family etc?

It all depends on the attitude of you company. You can go neighboring countries by assuring them but for traveling to your home country you have to wait for any public holidays or annual vacations.

My home country is UK. Pakistan could classify as second home country or neighbouring country.

No...Neighboring country mean Bahrain/UAE etc

All I want if not possible every weekend at least twice per month I would like to get to Karachi so I can see my child until their visa is not sorted

You should have multiple exit reentry visa; with this you can travel as & when you like.
However, it all depends on your company, job requirement as well.

Thanks guys.
Will see what kind of visa they have issued for me. But ALHAMDULILLAH i am happy that finally my degrees have been handed over today in karachi to get the verification process started (Saudi culture and embassy). It's a nightmare to get the requirements done from saudi company HR.
Now i pray to my ALMIGHTY ALLAH that now May i will get my visa stamp on my passport from UK with an ease and ASAP.

Assalam u alaikum all

Hope everyone will be fine. Thought to share an update with people here. I am finally going for my medical here at London Inshaallah on Monday. The agent is suggesting that it will now take maximum of 7-8 working day to get the visa stamped.

Please pray for me that everything will be running smoothly for me.

I reckon i will be joining my employer by 2nd week of December INSHAALLAH.

Mash Allah good going....
Good luck

is it necessary to submit the original letter (Provided By Employer) to your home country for the attestation of the degree from Saudi Culture and Saudi Embassy?

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