Is Vancouver or Toronto better?

Hi. I'm a South African moving to Canada. I'd like to get some insights as to which city is better. I know Toronto is colder in winter (sometimes a lot colder eg -25C - not always though), but finding work might be easier as it is bigger (not sure how much bigger). In summer it is warmer than Vancouver. Perhaps there are more S African expats in Toronto? Please share your views.

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Toronto doesn't get that cold, trust me! In recent years, we don't even have any snow..

If you're looking strictly for jobs, I'd say Toronto. It does depend on what industry you're in, but keep in mind Toronto is the largest city in Canada. All head offices of ay organization are based out of Toronto (imagine it as a mini New York).

Geographical beauty, Vancouver has us beat hands down... Although the cost of living is EXTREMELY high..

Let me know what you're situation is, I'd I'll try to give you as much advice as possible.. Private message as it'll be easier for me to see and respond.


Vancouver it is always damp and raining so i hear! Winters seem to be colder than Toronto too what i have heard/seen! Toronto is more moderate.

As for jobs neither city is reliable for work. Im here in Toronto 2 months and cant find work apart from a part-time job at a shop! I have applied to millions of jobs over and over and even online and they dont seem to look at their database leave it all upto the computers! lol!

Im not saying there is no work its just very hard to get work in my area of experience and others depending...

Hello to everyone

My name is Edward Jansen, Am Dutch(The NETHERLAND) am looking forward to moving to Canada,Can someone there tells ME OR RATHER SHARE  experiences with me as to wich city is better to live? someone told me about Vancouver in terms of easier Jobs and better  standard of living.

Thanks my email is  edward_jansen[at]

Thanks to all.Edward

Hello all,

From my own personal experience as someone born and raised in Ontario, living there for the first 27 years of my life and then moving to Vancouver BC where I lived for a further 27 I can shed some light on this subject.

I agree with many of the observations made by Caylen Wilde, In recent years Southern Ontario has not been getting as cold as in the past. However, weather patterns in Ontario are historically very cyclical and the cold weather WILL come back one day.

Toronto is both the financial and industrial capital of Canada and it's largest city. Jobs would tend to be slightly more available there by mere virtue of its size, however since 2008 the Canadian economy has suffered somewhat as a result of the mess that the USA has created with economic conditions worldwide. So jobs are nowhere near as plentiful as they once were.

Vancouver is quite moderate in terms of climate, yes it rains a lot in the winter, but seldom snows. It is for precisely this reason that many 'street people' migrate to the west each winter to escape the cold. Jobs are not nearly as plentiful as they are in Toronto. Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada to live in, but with that comes the highest wages too. The standard of living is excellent. The one thing about Vancouver is that it is much more relaxed and less conservative. People are generally much less stressed out in the west.

Both cities are excellent places to live. Both have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. If anyone says definitively one or the other is BETTER or BEST, they can only really say that in terms of their own personal reasons for being there. You really must put everything in the balance, decide what your lifestyle is, what you want to do, the things that interest you, etc., and then decide which city offers the most options given your own criteria. No matter which one you choose, you're in the BEST city in Canada. (at least for YOU)

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

There's no better city. Each city has its own setbacks so you should analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

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