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Hi All,

We are in the process of finalizing a move to Muscat, we are a young Indian Family (two 5 year old kids) currently based out of UAE - Abu Dhabi; I ma not quite sure about the life in Muscat. Social / Cultural / Weather activities for kids, my career....

Need some insight based on your experiences...

Hi Nisha

        I am working in Oman from last one year. The people in Oman are very nice & friendly. There are lots of indian/pakistani families. Good schools are also available for kids. Weather is same like UAE as not that far away. Life is not that fast like Dubai but still have nice places to visit City Center/ Cinemas etc. Good luck.

What about for USA women and girls?  Do they have to wear an abaya when the go out?  Can my wife and daughters go shopping and do things in town without me being with them?
I have been offered many teaching positions in Oman, but I'm not sure if my wife and 4 daughters, ages 6 to 13 would feel comfortable there.  We have very little knowledge of and experience in the middle-eastern/Islamic culture.  I would love your thoughts.

Hi Franchael,

       Abaya is not mandatory for females(foreigner specially) and there is freedom to wear any dress. Security conditions are really awesome, I don't think there will be any issue for families to do shopping etc alone. Hopefully more replies from local/more experienced will make your mind.

All the best Nisha.

Oman is a blessed country with good people, good hospitality and good living.

I am sure you will be settled very soon once you are here.

God bless all your endeavours

Thank you all….

Anyone who have Kids can give me more information on types of Kid’s activities available in the city(Art & Sports etc..)

Also what kind of Job market is for HR professionals? I am a HR Generalist with 8+ years of experience.


Hello all.  My name is Martin and I'm also looking into taking a teaching position in Oman. I've been looking in the UAE as well, but haven't had much luck yet.  I'm very interested in knowing all there is to know about life in Muscat or Qurum.  I have a line on a job there.  Anything you could tell me, both goo or bad, would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and be well.

Hello All,

You are welcome to Oman Your second country and we are happy to be with us....Welcome again :)

Best Wishes

hi nisha
i have abu dhabi general physician liscence
im a bachelor from india
i was getting 25000 aed /mth in abu dhabi
me too coming to muscat
i just cleared my oman gp exam
nisha nice to meet u



Hi Nisha,

it depends where u will have to stay in Oman.

Muscat Area is having almost all the facilities for Upper and Middle Class
also there is a lot of scope for u kind of HR Professionals so if u r going to stay in Muscat Area, i don't think u will have any trouble here to avail the facilities or to have a good job.

Have a good Journey.


@Omanagri- pls lower your caps lock. Thank you

Hi Nisha, been in Muscat for four years, it is good and quieter than Abu Dhabi, any questions just ask me, I am a school teacher.

Hello everyone I am currently living in Riyadh and cannot adapt to life here because of living outside of compound no driver ,husband works long hours and my kids r bored . For some reason my husband does want to go and live in Oman if we cannot get used to in Riyadh .What r differences beteen Riyadh and Oman . How good r schools ,healthcare ,WOMENS life and weather,how different is weather because here is very dry

Hope you will enjoy Oman.... it is a really nice place

Wellcome to Muscat dnt worry about any thing there are much opportunities in Muscat..and also living standard is good here.

Hi everyone ,

I'm a fresh graduate from india ,somehow things got worse and i'm ending up with the fact that i've to spend few time in muscat. I don't know why everytime i think of gulf i only think of deserts ,long white dress and hijab.May be its the absence of knowledge more or less ,so i'd really appreciate if anyone could upbring me to your level of thinking and experience about lifestyle ,places and people around there.


Hi Nisha Menon , welcome to Oman and the forum.

Qassab :

Hi Nisha Menon , welcome to Oman and the forum.

You're a bit late in welcoming Nisha Menon. She arrived oman in May 2012. By the time, she must have welcomed 100s of others :dumbom:

Dear all
I am subhanker singh from India just got an offer letter to work in muscat city Oman. My company offered me accommodation, transportation and medical facilities but food is in my scope. so please guide me what is the cost of average healthy food 3 times a day in muscat. my salary is 400 OMR

If your intention is to save and you are single its not too bad an option. You need to be aware that the minimum salary to get a family visa is 600 OMR.
You need to factor your current salary, your work experience, qualification  and the field you are to arrive at any further  conclusion on the offer.
Good Luck.

hi guys how is 1200 OMR for a family of 2?will i be able to save? if yes how much can somebody giev abreakup of expenses?apart from this how is lifestyle tehre?

Your question is kinda open-ended, however, i suggest you to go through Cost of Living Section which Im sure would help you to understand your queries easier.

i had seen all the repplies but still i want some 1 to tell me the exact savings in oman?we are a family of 2 with ababy of 7 months...and i have an offe rof 1200 OMR i repeat all total

I really want to know about the weather conditions and the types of dressings that is not allowed

DonTem :

I really want to know about the weather conditions and the types of dressings that is not allowed

Hi DonTem,

Oman is a coastal, desert country. So most of the time it will be hot and humid.

For about 5 months, from October to February, the climate will be very pleasant and cool.

From the rest of the 7 months, it will be very hot, with May-June-July being the hottest, with scorching temperatures.

Being a Muslim country, conservative dressing is the prevalent code. However, expats are allowed to wear their dresses, as long as it is not too revealing, or scandalous (by local standards). It is advised that men and women should cover their shoulders and knees when in public places.

Being a very liberal and an open country which is extremely tolerant to the other faiths and nationalities, Oman is a truly modern and cosmopolitan country, unlike say places like Saudi Arabia, which is the exact opposite.

Thank you very much for your help, keep it up

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hello nisha hope you are doing good. have you been to muscat before. wondering how we compare your present location to muscat. anyway welcome to new city. regards. raj @ muscat.

raj-muscat :

hello nisha hope you are doing good. have you been to muscat before. wondering how we compare your present location to muscat. anyway welcome to new city. regards. raj @ muscat.

She actually asked the question in 2012. I'm afraid you had wait for over 5 years to realize that she's new....    :dumbom:  God knows she might have left Oman by now  :joking:

Hi Dear
am here for the last 27 years, before I was in Abu Dhabi since 1981 to 1985 was working Abu Dhabi airport comparing the life between there and here I felt this I got a homely atmosphere. and moreover locals are very good friendly people. you will get everything for a normal life.

nice catch.. well I hardly look at the date I just register and pinged. dude its a very dry city. wonder how people live for ages and more. lets see. cars need to cover the dashboards else will catch fire. lol

ha ha lets see and explore the city. thnx buddy.

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