Visa for my wife

I want to bring my wife here but she from Japan and her passport still not change but she make already family registered with my name I want a family visa some people told me she must have to change her passport before she came here what I have to do really I don't know please help me

I am from india,i work in saudi arabi but my wife is having different nationality. Can anyone tell me, is it possible to get family visa to stay in ksa ? what will be the process , since both have different nationalities? or it will same normal process?

Hello Salman,
Highly appreciate your help in this forum. I am new to KSA and I am on business visa with validity of 90 days. I was told by my 3rd party employer that I can bring my family after I get work permit (sponsored by client). But looking at the underlying scenario at KSA, I think its not that easy to get a work permit. Correct me if I am wrong, but is Iqama and work permit the same?

If at all I am able to get in my family, then what visa will that be and how long can my family stay with me?


Hello Salman!

I would like to know about procedures for our situation here in saudi?
Me and my wife need together same but doesnt we know how to do! Its just because theres rules hereof what shall we do get my wife to transfer to my house and get together?

Please help us?

Dear Abdullah... Your post is not clear enough. Where is your wife currently? Inside Saudi on some other visa or at your home country?

koi visit visa holder job kr sakta ha  riydh mein?


I am working in Jubail and in my company so many people who have monthly Salary  more than SR.8,000/-  in GOSI get the visa through "Abshor" as the now a day Istakdam is creating too many problem regarding Deploma of old profession and also new profession. But this is only those person who not change the profession. In this regard kindly guide for getting the as my monthly salary is SR.8,000/- which also shown in GOSI. Kindly advise as our company not allowed the family on visa visa.

Presently my wife is inside the Saudi on visa visa upt 11th August, 2015.

Hello Salman,
Hope this finds you in the best of your health.
My wife is getting a job in KSA as a professor and they are providing work visa question is what will be the status of my visa and what are the limitations .
I am an IT professional will I be able to apply for jobs, buy a car etc.
thanks a lot in advance.


The spouse of working professional is not allowed to work. It is illegal. For ladies, they have allowed teaching due to their lack of qualified lady teachers. But that's not the case for men. You have to get a work permit to be able to do any job.

If you would be on work permit, your wife is not allowed to job other then a few exceptions that Ministry of Labor has issued. If your wife is on work permit; you are her dependent and not allowed to work even if you are a doctor or engineer.

well if ur a doc you can get job in pvt hospitals and also they may even give you new visa.. i have seen many examples.. but for IT professional things are bleak. yes you can buy car and open account too ! rest you can try apply at companies and if some company hire you they may give you a new visa too with work permit..

Dear Experts ,

I am a srilankan national on working visit visa knows as Business visa ,

Is it possible to bring my wife with me as a partner or escort , some are saying not possible some are saying possible

My friend he is an indian and brought his wife with him for 3 months recently with same visa category but he doesn't know what category company helped him.

Could you please advise me any option for me to bring my wife here,

Thank you
Best Regards

When you are on business visa you can bring your family as well with you, but the application for the visa has to be done collectively for you and your family at the same time as visit visa.  She will be coming as your wife - there is no escort category.

Hi HRGuru

Thank you for your valuable information sharing ,

my company is asking how to request an invitation with wife, what are the document have to be submitted.

My country Saudi embassy staff also told me that if you can add your wife's name under your name when you are submitting for visa, We will try to process it.

but don't know in which category or method get the invitation with my wife's name . and what are the documents needed from her side other than passport and married certificate.

could you please guide me on this matter.,

you know how long it will take.


Your company will be applying your visa through MOFA portal. At the same portal they can add another row and add your wife's details as well and apply for the visa online. The category will be as wife.

Thank you for your advice,
but my company is repeatedly saying it is not possible getting a visa for Business visa,

They are asking me to  send any document or stated at a website to prove that Busines Visa can bring his wife with him.

please provide me if there anything that I can explain them with more clarity.

Sorry bro , continuously disturbing you :(

Thank you very much for your time and knowledge,

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