Healthcare in the Bahamas


how does the healthcare system work in the Bahamas ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in the Bahamas?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !


Hey there Julian. I am a new member and noticed that this post is almost a year old. Did you ever get answers related to Bahamian healthcare?

Hi Christine,

Julien is the founder of and this topic was launched to gather a maximum infos. Well no, there has not been any input on this thread.

If you have any info, please do share it with us.

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I love Freeport, Grand Bahama due to the laid back lifestyle.  We visited a few years ago and my son got really sick.  The doctors were quick and on point.
One thing about anywhere in the Bahamas, is that the doctors are foreign trained and have excellent training and education. 
I was glad to find that all I had to pay for excellent healthcare was $30.00 copayment without insurance.  It appeared there is free insurance for all, even the non residence.

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