Healthcare in the USA


how does the healthcare system work in the USA ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in the USA?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !


Huge topic to say the least.  There is no real division between public and private health care.  All facilities are basically open to all.

There is private and Government insurance.  Most are covered by a private plan whether or not provided by individuals or employers.  The Government plans are welfare plans for the unemployed or poor (Medicaid) and not all providers (doctors) participate in this, however all hospitals do.

Health care here is VERY expensive, VERY good and many times VERY greedy.

Bob K

I was going to give you approximate monthly for individual but I failed ; yes only because it is a HUGE topic. Good plan will cost you good amount and it may sounds ridiculous to you,depends how much you are paying now and whats your satisfaction rate but It is efficient. 


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Hi Julien,

Insurance/health care system are pretty complicated in this country. Me and my husband recently moved to Houston from Malaysia. We enrolled the health care plan (Memorial Hermann Accountable Care Network) from his employers and deal with aetna personally for making sure which providers that covered or participated under their listing. We have to disputes couple medical charges because there are always confusion between the providers and insurance company. Provider said they are in the network, required to pay the copay amount only however the Insurance company billed us later and saying the provider actually is not in their network.

Therefore, to avoid this kind of confusion, is better to call the Insurance concierge care line to have them allocate the provider and make appointment for you. In the conclusion, to purchase the private health insurance is a must. The charges difference between without insurance health plan and with health plan are extremely big differences. Example: w/o insurance health plan, normal charges visiting a PCP (Primary care provider) are in $208 - $250, with insurance health plan, patient are required to pay $45 copay only. If visiting the specialist provider, it could be cost a fortune :/ 
Remark: MRI, Biopsy, shockwaves procedures, endoscopy, cystoscopy and others special treatment and procedures are expensive in USA.   

Advice to survey few insurance companies, like my plan are covered for doctor visit, dental, medicine supply "within the network". Have to be extremely careful while selecting the plan that suit yourself, spouse and your family. Good Luck!

I spent 20 years working in the best hospitals in American and for the doctors who wrote “The book” on their specialty. If you have a simple thing like a broken bone most hospitals can handle it. If you are really sick go to a big famous teaching University. MIT, UCLA. UCSF, The University of Washington and others like them.  Cheers, Crazydog

Found this article, really helped me figure out the USA health care system. Defiantly worth a read: here

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