American woman moving to Turkey

The only problem I had in Antalya is that men thought I was Russian, which is exactly the kind of attention you don't want, if you catch my drift. Be careful and make sure its clear your not one!


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Good luck :-)

Am Abel from AFRICA (Nigeria) am a graduate i wish to come to turkey.any help pls

I've always found Turkey to be quite safe, as long as you don't do anything that would wouldn't in other countries - go to bad neighbourhoods during the night alone etc.
Hope everyone is enjoying living here and finding lots of friends!

Hello,jadegl.How can i contact u?I m looking for american or english school in Antalya for my kids Grade-5 and Grade-9.Maybe u can advise some.Best regard irina

hi everybody .i am also mooving to antalya in 3mounths,i have been there once and i decided to live there.and your massages was very would be nice if someone who is living there and is an expat tell me a few things about living there.

i live in Antalya since 6 years

I used to live in antalya 2 years.. according to me itz the best city to live in turkey good luck :)

Hi everybody,
My name is Kursad.
Currently, I am in Los Angeles but I am permanently living at Antalya. I will be back in Antalya about mid April.
I have a son who is 6 years old and I am looking for a "American" teacher for him for English speaking lessons with American accent. If you are interested in, please send email to me (cilkursad[at] is my email). Also, if you know any American or English child at my son's age living at Antalya, we can meet them. Lastly, if you know any speaking activity for more than one child at Antalya, please let me know. I am waiting for your feedback. Thanks and regards

Esma l congrulate you replied so nice  what excellent sense thanks of vourse it is safe to live there forever  hence many tourist come to rest in

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I lived in there and I lived in Usa, it is not dangerous at all. Whoever you talk to consider those peoples friendship more than trusting that city. Its temperature reminds you Texas and people are nice, It is a tourism city so You will be seeing a lot of russians and germans in the peek season.Rent is cheap, I suggest you to live in Lara district in terms of quality of restaurants and neighbors, I lived in that district for 4-5 years, I can help you with accommodation if you contact with me.
Let me know if you have further questions,


Hi guys,

I am considering taking a job in Isparta but I know absolutely nothing about it. The job is teaching English in a private school there. What is Isparta like? I know it wouldn't be as big as Antalya but does it have regular (hate to say this) 'westernized' city amenities? Any information would be great.


İt is safe place i live now in antalya city. İ am foreigner

Antalya is a nice and safe city. İ am also living in antalya starting from 2015

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